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This Is Big: How the Founder of Weight Watchers Changed the World -- and Me (Paperback)

This Is Big: How the Founder of Weight Watchers Changed the World -- and Me Cover Image
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"A triumphant chronicle...acerbic, culturally astute and genuine." -New York Times

From contributor to The Cut, one of Vogue's "Most Anticipated Books of 2020," that has something to "bravely and honestly" (Busy Philipps) say about weight and weight loss and which also sheds a light on Jean Nidetch, the founder of Weight Watcher, an early and forgotten female founder

Marisa Meltzer began her first diet at the age of five. Growing up an indoors-loving child in Northern California, she learned from an early age that weight was the one part of her life she could neither change nor even really understand.

Fast forward nearly four decades. Marisa, also a contributor to the New Yorker and the New York Times, comes across an obituary for Jean Nidetch, the Queens, New York housewife who founded Weight Watchers in 1963. Weaving Jean's incredible story as weight loss maven and pathbreaking entrepreneur with Marisa's own journey through Weight Watchers, she chronicles the deep parallels, and enduring frustrations, in each woman's decades-long efforts to lose weight and keep it off. The result is funny, unexpected, and unforgettable: a testament to how transformation goes far beyond a number on the scale.

About the Author

Marisa Meltzer is a journalist based in New York who has contributed to the New York Times, The New Yorker, New York,The Guardian, Vanity Fair, and Vogue. She was born in Northern California and is the author of two previous books, How Sassy Changed My Life and Girl Power.

Praise For…

A Vogue Most Anticipated Book of 2020
One of Apple Books' Most Anticipated Books of 2020

A Washington Post Book to Read for April
One of People's Best New Books


"Her life changed dramatically as she realized you can live a big life at any size."

"A triumphant
chronicle... Meltzer has created singular companionate text for those who know
the agony of frustration surrounding weight as an issue, both personal and
political. Acerbic, culturally astute and genuine, [Meltzer] makes exquisite
company in the struggle."
New York Times

"Meltzer writes movingly of her own struggles
with having a body, but her experiment isn't the exclusive focus of the book:
It also chronicles the life of Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch, whose
vaudevillian comic timing, retrograde ideas about fat and happiness, and
unconcealed desire for fame and connection make her a fascinating subject."

Meltzer's new Weight Watchers biography feels surprisingly in sync with the
emotional arc of isolation eating."
Wall Street Journal Magazine

"If you've ever been
critical of diets, diet companies, and diet culture in the past, you're going
to love what Meltzer has to offer here."

"Not a memoir of radical self-acceptance or saccharine inspiration, but a
candid - at times dark - look at what it means to be an overweight woman in
Los Angeles Times

"This heartfelt, incisive book layers the story
of Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch with the author's own lifelong journey
through various fad diets. What emerges is a surprising portrait of a
remarkable but little-known life in business, as well as a thoughtful critique
of America's obsession with thinness."

"This is Big...[finds] in Nidetch both a genuine pioneer - a woman who built a massive culture-defining business as a time when women couldn't even have their own credit cards - and a representative of many ideas about weight and health that are as destructive as they are enduring."—Vanity Fair

"Meltzer looks at her own pursuit of weight
loss and uses it to illuminate our culture's relentless focus on thinness."
Washington Post

"[This] brilliant book tells the story of thinness obsession through the lives of two women-Jean Nidetch, the founder of Weight Watchers, and Meltzer herself."

"One writer describes
her lifelong journey with Weight Watchers and exploration of its founder's
life, finding the latter more relatable and moving than she expected."

"Meltzer looks at her own pursuit of weight
loss and uses it to illuminate our culture's relentless focus on thinness."
The Daily Beast

"Inventive...Meltzer's own experience with weight loss."

"This book is an honest, open exploration of one woman's relationship with her body as it exists in the world."
Here Magazine

"[Meltzer] writes with a voice that feels like you're chatting with one of your best friends, cracking jokes and digging into all the emotions you'd usually hide from others who aren't as close to you."
First for Women

Marisa Meltzer interweaves her personal dieting history with a compelling
biography of Jean Nidetch, the woman who founded Weight Watchers. As the author
chronicles her own journey through the popular program, she describes how
Nidetch-despite getting and staying thin-struggled at home and at work. In the
end, Meltzer learns and grows in unexpected ways."
Real Simple

"The cleverly told story of both Jean Nidetch, founder of Weight Watchers,
and Meltzer's own lifelong battle with her body and her weight."
Kim France, Girls of a Certain Age

"Meltzer did a deep dive into Jean Nidetch, the
Queens, NY, housewife who founded Weight Watchers in 1963, for a book that is
part biography, part memoir of her own lifelong journey with dieting."
New York Post

"Her story will resonate with
readers who have struggled with weight and body image issues. A straightforward
memoir of struggling with obesity and finding inspiration from the founder of
Weight Watchers."

"Meltzer's engaging history of Weight Watchers and candid account of her own dieting journey is a frank and affirming portrait of the ways women, in particular, have always coped with health and self image."

"Insightful...a thoughtful exploration of how to make diet choices on one's own terms."
Publishers Weekly

"This is Big is a brave, bold, funny, honest, riveting book that made me have every kind of feeling in the world."—Jami Attenberg, author of All Grown Up

Product Details
ISBN: 9780316413985
ISBN-10: 0316413984
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Publication Date: January 19th, 2021
Pages: 304

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