The Book Of Great Hors D'oeuvre, Update Edition (Hardcover)

The Book Of Great Hors D'oeuvre, Update Edition By Terence Janericco Cover Image

The Book Of Great Hors D'oeuvre, Update Edition (Hardcover)


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The Book of Great Hors d'Oeuvre, Updated and Expanded
Terence Janericco

Now the last word on hors d'oeuvre has been fully revised, rewritten, and expanded to provide you with the most reliable source for menu selection, preparation, and presentation. The First Edition of The Book of Great Hors d'Oeuvre was widely praised by both professional chefs and reviewers, not only for its enormous selection of clearly and concisely written recipes but also for its Wealth of suggestions for entertaining. This new edition offers you hundreds of crowd-pleasing new ideas. More than 1,000 recipes help you to add a special culinary touch to every occasion—from the intimate Cocktail party to the most extravagant affair. You are shown how to create exotic and inventive menus using familiar ingredients at the lowest possible cost. The chapters include ideas for:

  • Spreads and dips
  • Marinated and pickled foods
  • Dim sum
  • Pastries
  • Canapes and toasts
  • Patés and terrines
  • Croquettes
  • Cheese balls, fish balls, and meatballs
  • Stuffed vegetables, meats, and breads

Want to fascinate your guests with delectable, easily prepared French puff pastry? A delightful yogurt pastry? An irresistible strudel? These are just some of the scores of offerings that will make your food stand apart from its competitors. Noted culinary author Terence Janericco makes it easy for you to assure that the amount, variety, flavor, and visual, appeal of your hors d'oeuvre are perfect. His side-by-side use of both small-yield recipes (eight servings) and larger ones (24 servings) allows you to adjust the quantities to suit your needs. Everything is here! How to adjust menus for the length of the party,the number of guests, the time of day, and the life-style of your client; how to select the foods that are just right as a prelude to lunch or dinner; how to promote the image your host or hostess wants. Janericco explains it all. All aspects of party planning are covered. Just follow the author's tips on presentation to create visually exciting food that is easily recognizable and readily accessible for the guests. Learn not only how to arrange food, but also which foods look good together (and which do not), as well as what are the best backgrounds. Turn here for advice on how to garnish platters, space foods appropriately, and present dips creatively. Discover how to situate buffets and bars in different settings, whether the event is in a banquet hall or small apartment. staff, equipment, utensils—you'll know exactly what you need simply by opening this "menu-to-success." Whether your hors d'oeuvre are the prologue to a meal or the meal itself, this guide makes your performance the star of the show.

<bTERENCE JANERICCO is a Boston-based caterer, cooking instructor, and food writer. He owns the Terence Janericco Cooking Classes, and teaches at Newbury College in Boston. Among his works are Soups for the Professional Chef, The Book of Great Hors d'Oeuvre, and Vegetable Cookery.

Product Details ISBN: 9780471283928
ISBN-10: 0471283924
Publisher: Harvest
Publication Date: May 1st, 1990
Pages: 800
Language: English