Abraham The Trinity And Lot Exonerated Genesis 18 & 19: Abraham and the Trinity and Lot Exonerated (Paperback)

Abraham The Trinity And Lot Exonerated Genesis 18 & 19: Abraham and the Trinity and Lot Exonerated By Terry Lee Miller Cover Image

Abraham The Trinity And Lot Exonerated Genesis 18 & 19: Abraham and the Trinity and Lot Exonerated (Paperback)


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The author of this booklet upon reading Genesis chapter 18 had for years been perplexed at the record of the conversation moving back and forth from the singular to the plural when Abraham addressed the three visitors who came to him in the heat of the day. Also, sometimes they spoke to him in plural unison The simple fact here is that Abraham addressed the three as one and they answered and conversed as one entity between themselves and him. "Three in one, or one in three All co-equal co-existent and co-eternal. When they first appeared to Abraham, he addressed them as, "...my Lord," showing plainly he recognized the oneness in unity of the three personages of the Godhead. Chapter 19 continues such unusual conversation between two messengers speaking as one with Lot (One must not stumble at the word "angels" who came to Lot from Abraham, the correct Hebrew word is "messengers.") Then there are those who say if one of the three was the Holy Spirit that he as Spirit, does not appear as a 'man.' However it must be remembered that it certainly is possible since He as third member of the Godhead appears in Acts in the form of a dove, in the form of cloven tongues of fire, and as a rushing mighty wind. Yes, shocking it is that this wonderful O.T revelation of the Trinity has for centuries been downgraded to being two angels and Jehovah appearing to Abraham, by most Christian theologians. This booklet, in proving the Trinitarian doctrine in Genesis 18, has the power to bring Muslims and devout Jewish people to salvation, since they do accept the Old Testament as Divine record, but reject the doctrine of the Trinity. Also, this author has never heard one sermon which when Lot was mentioned, that he was not painted as a wicked backslider who compromised his testimony by moving to Sodom and living among the wicked. Read this booklet to find the scriptures exonerate him. Then lastly, read about the astounding discovery of the original New Testament Bible, the Aramaic Peshitta, discovered by Rev. David Glenn Bauscher (aramaicnt.com). This decimates the infamous Peter Ruckman heresy Remember, "Truth will stand examination." OTHER BOOKS BY THIS AUTHOR: The Infamous Rapture Conflict Settled, Calvinism The Trojan Horse Within, The Death Of Endless Damnation (which proves that all will be brought to Christ one day, no not apostate Unitarianism, and not negating a literal Heaven and a literal Hell) and finally, this booklet on the Trinity.

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