Luann (Paperback)

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Luann (Paperback)


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Cartoonist Greg Evans's popular strip Luann masterfully captures the essence of the most fundamental truth about being a teenager . . . adolescence is an extremely funny time, except when you are in it.

This ever-popular strip chronicles the humorous trials and tribulations of teenager Luann DeGroot. Using a careful blend of one-strip zingers and humorous ongoing story lines, Evans allows readers to peer into a 16-year-old's life-one filled with homework, heartbreak, and humor.

Luann actually gets along with her parents better than the average teenager, as long as they don't get ""all parental,"" that is. Tolerating her Oreo-chomping brother, Brad, and his wasteland of a bedroom and nasty bathroom habits can be a little more challenging. Brad isn't the only trying male in her life. There's also the school brainiac, Gunther-a sweet guy who Luaan likes only as a friend. Unfortunately, Gunther thinks he and Luann are a perfect match. Meanwhile, Luann knows who her ideal mate is: the gorgeous and popular Aaron Hill. Now, if only he know that Luann existed.

The secrets of her family challenges and boy troubles are safe with best friend Bernice, the girl who gets straight As and gives Luann the straight truth about life. The anti-Bernice is Tiffany, Luann's arch-nemesis classmate who exudes plastic popularity and single-handedly destroys half the atmosphere with her hair spray.

The charming ensemble cast of Luann is enjoyed by thousands of readers daily. Luann's fans include both teenagers who understand where she's coming from and parents who can appreciate the often-humorous difficulties they face. This collection proves that teen life can be troublesome and hilarious at the same time.

Product Details ISBN: 9780740739507
ISBN-10: 0740739506
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: September 1st, 2003
Pages: 130
Language: English