Special Edition Using Mac OS X V10.2 (Paperback)

Special Edition Using Mac OS X V10.2 By Brad Miser Cover Image

Special Edition Using Mac OS X V10.2 (Paperback)


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From using the basic features of Mac OS X and its applications, working with multimedia, the Internet, and peripherals to administering mixed networks, this book provides readers with the information they need to become savvy on Mac OS X, version 10.2. Topic selection focuses on the practical rather than the theoretical. The information in the book is designed to be applicable in regular, daily use of the Mac to accomplish specific tasks with the theme of learn by doing. This updated edition of Special Edition Using Mac OS X reflects the major update version 10.2 represents. Updated coverage includes new and revised interfaces, additional email security features, better Mac-to-Windows networking, Bluetooth-enabled mobile computing, new and revised applications (iPhoto, iDVD, iChat, iCal/iSync, plus so much more. This book is for all intermediate to advanced computer users (whether Windows or Mac) who are moving to Mac OS X, 10.2, and helps home users, business professionals, power users, network administrators, and others get up to speed with the intricacies and eccentricities of the latest version.

Product Details ISBN: 9780789729040
ISBN-10: 0789729040
Publisher: Que
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2003
Pages: 936
Language: English
Series: Special Edition Using