Adventure Time and Philosophy: The Handbook for Heroes (Popular Culture and Philosophy #87) (Paperback)

Adventure Time and Philosophy is a monster-beating, wild ride of philosophical mayhem. One of the deepest and most thoughtful television shows ever to assault human brain waves, Adventure Time shows us what the world could be like, challenging everything we know about life, meaning, heroism, and even burritos, and it's time to give the show some serious thought. This book screws open our cranial lids, mucks about in the mess that is our heads, and attempts to come to some answers about the nature of reality. Adventure Time and Philosophy is a chance to put down your broadsword, put your exhausted monster-slaying feet up, and try to figure out why you spend your time rescuing people in distress and fighting for justice. Who better than Finn and Jake to have as companions when taking on Plato, Nietzsche, and Baudrillard or encountering the Slime Princess, the Ice King, and Marceline the Vampire Queen? Filled with chapters written by a colorful cast of characters, Adventure Time and Philosophy enlightens us about the profound and life-affirming spiritual subtext and dark comedic elements of an awesomely fantastic show.
Nicolas Michaud is philosophy instructor at Jacksonville University in Florida. The editor of "Frankenstein and Philosophy" and "Hunger Games and Philosophy," he lives in Jacksonville, FL.
Product Details ISBN: 9780812698589
ISBN-10: 0812698584
Publisher: Open Court
Publication Date: April 14th, 2015
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: Popular Culture and Philosophy