Shelter: 40th Anniversary Edition (Shelter Library of Building Books) (Paperback)

Shelter: 40th Anniversary Edition (Shelter Library of Building Books) By Lloyd Kahn (Editor), Bob Easton (Editor) Cover Image

Shelter: 40th Anniversary Edition (Shelter Library of Building Books) (Paperback)

By Lloyd Kahn (Editor), Bob Easton (Editor)


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Read the definitive, complete guide to shelters--more than 300,000 copies sold

Shelter is so amazing, so revolutionary, that the best way to describe it is with one word: everything It's a history of architecture, a do-it-yourself (DIY) guide, a scrapbook, and a collection of essays and stories. If you've ever wondered about any aspect of houses, homes, or other simple structures in which people have lived, this is the book for you.

First published in 1973, Shelter remains a source of inspiration and invention. Including the nuts-and-bolts aspects of building, the book covers such topics as dwellings, from Iron Age huts to Bedouin tents to Togo's tin-and-thatch houses; nomadic shelters, from tipis to "housecars;" and domes; dome cities; sod iglus; and even treehouses.

Authors Lloyd Kahn and Bob Easton recount personal stories about alternative dwellings that demonstrate sensible solutions to problems associated with using materials found in the environment--with fascinating, often surprising results.

Shelter is many things:

  • a visually dynamic, oversized compendium of organic architecture, past and present;
  • a how-to book that includes more than 1,250 illustrations; and
  • a Whole Earth Catalog-type of sourcebook for living in harmony with the earth by using every conceivable material.

Lloyd Kahn started building more than 50 years ago and has lived in a self-built home ever since. If he'd been able to buy a wonderful, old, good-feeling house, he might have never started building. But it was always cheaper to build than to buy, and by building himself, he could design what he wanted and use materials that he wanted to live with.Lloyd set off to learn the art of building in 1960. He liked the whole process immensely. Ideally he'd have worked with a master carpenter long enough to learn the basics, but there was never time. He learned from friends and books and by blundering his way into a process that required a certain amount of competence. His perspective was that of a novice, a homeowner, rather than a pro. As he learned, he felt that he could tell others how to build--or at least get them started on the path to creating their own homes.Through the years, he's personally gone from post and beam to geodesic domes to stud-frame construction. It's been a constant learning process, and this has led him into investigating many methods of construction. For five years in the late '60s to early '70s, he built geodesic domes. He got into book publishing by producing Domebook One in 1970 and Domebook 2 in 1971.He gave up on domes (as homes) and published his company's namesake Shelter in 1973. Since then, Shelter Publications has produced books on a variety of subjects and returned to its roots with Home Work in 2004, The Barefoot Architect and Builders of the Pacific Coast in 2008, Tiny Homes in 2012, and more.Building is Lloyd's favorite subject. Even in this day and age, building a house with one's own hands can save a ton of money and--if you follow it through--you can get what you want in a home.Bob Easton is an architect and owner of Bob Easton AIA Architect in Montecito, California. He designs in many styles to meet clients' needs and budgets. His firm specializes in fine residential and commercial design and interiors. Bob is the co-author and designer of Domebook One, Domebook 2, Shelter, and Shelter II.
Product Details ISBN: 9780936070117
ISBN-10: 0936070110
Publisher: Shelter Publications
Publication Date: May 1st, 2000
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: Shelter Library of Building Books