Thrive in the Year of the Rabbit [Chinese Horoscope 2023] (Divination) (Paperback)

Thrive in the Year of the Rabbit [Chinese Horoscope 2023] (Divination) By Linda Dearsley Cover Image

Thrive in the Year of the Rabbit [Chinese Horoscope 2023] (Divination) (Paperback)


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On January 22nd 2023, the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit bounds into action. All Rabbit years are believed to bring happiness and good luck, but this is no ordinary Rabbit year, for 2023 is the year of the Black Water Rabbit - a specially gifted, creative Rabbit that has not been seen since 1963.

After the chaos and tumult of the departing Year of the Tiger, Water Rabbit energy promises to restore peace and harmony and shower the world with sparkling opportunities. But will you benefit from the Rabbit's generosity?

Once you learn how to harness this vibrant new power, you'll have all the tools you need to enhance your life and make your dreams come true. Once you understand your sign and how to boost its good fortune, you can take advantage of the opportunities 2023 has in store for you.

> Learn to avoid the pitfalls of 2023 and build your own unique blueprint for success.

> Find your perfect partner and understand how to sidestep the heartbreakers

> Discover the secret you - there's more to you than just your main sign. Check out your birth month and time of birth too. You'll be amazed at your hidden potential.

> Dig deeper - certain colours, numbers, and elements can help bring you extra luck. Identify the ones that work for you.

> Explore the way Western and Eastern zodiacs combine to give the most accurate reading of your special personality.

> Help your friends and family, and share the secrets of their own paths to success in the Year of the Rabbit.

Note: This book is part of the Chinese Horoscope series by Linda Dearsley and contains original content specific to 2023's Year of the Rabbit. Some elements, however, such as the origins of the Chinese Horoscope and the nature of inter-zodiac associations, for example, can also be found in previous editions from the series.

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Publication Date: November 10th, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English
Series: Divination