Do You Really Need Spine Surgery?: Take Control with a Surgeon's Advice (Paperback)

Do You Really Need Spine Surgery?: Take Control with a Surgeon's Advice By David Hanscom Cover Image

Do You Really Need Spine Surgery?: Take Control with a Surgeon's Advice (Paperback)


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Deciding whether to undergo spine surgery is one of the most important choices you will ever make.

Author and spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom has observed that in this era of corporate medicine, surgical decisions are often made quickly without a complete evaluation or attempt at non-surgical rehabilitation before proceeding. The result? The majority of spine operations are unnecessary and many surgeries are performed on spines with normal, age-related conditions.

When performed for a specific anatomical problem with matching symptoms, the outcomes are consistently satisfying. Conversely, when surgery is conducted to address pain without a clear source, the consequences can be unpredictable, with a high percent of patients faring poorly or becoming much worse (catastrophic). A failed spinal surgery can virtually destroy one's life. Additionally, when a patient's nervous system is fired up from stress, results are often poor.

A common cry from patients is, "If I only knew how badly this could turn out, I would have never had this surgery." The depth of frustration at making the wrong decision is beyond words because there is no turning back.

If you are facing a decision about spine surgery, Do You Really Need Spine Surgery? provides you and your medical providers important information to help make the best choice. All relevant variables are addressed and organized into a "treatment grid." With this grid, you and your health care team can determine the most effective approach and course of action, with full consideration to the potential downside of a failed spinal surgery.

Do You Really Need Spine Surgery? gives back control of the surgical decision to you, the patient. Take it

David Hanscom, MD is a renowned spine surgeon of 30 years. His revolutionary approach to treating chronic pain has helped hundreds of patients live pain-free. His pioneering book, Back in Control: A Surgeon's Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain, showed chronic pain sufferers how to quiet a turbocharged central nervous system, relieve the anxiety and depression that often accompany chronic pain, and make a full recovery. In addition to being a best-selling author, he is a frequent guest on TV and radio programs, and is a sought after speaker at medical conferences around the world.
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