Welcome to the Shivoo!: Creatives Mimicking the Creator (Hardcover)

Welcome to the Shivoo!: Creatives Mimicking the Creator By Laura L. Bartnick, Tracy Fagan (Cover Design by), Robin Bolton (Editor) Cover Image

Welcome to the Shivoo!: Creatives Mimicking the Creator (Hardcover)

By Laura L. Bartnick, Tracy Fagan (Cover Design by), Robin Bolton (Editor)


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This beloved book explains why your one extraordinary life hinges on the fact that "In the beginning, God created."

A reader coined this title, "The Creator's Manifesto."

Where does your creativity come from? The Creator's ingenuity is expressed in the ongoing logos inside you. He has chosen to belong in you, thriving in speech, radiant in nature, just and merciful in His law. The logos is expressed in your human gifts, offices, and in the fruits of the Spirit in your community and in you.

Because you are created in God's image and given specific creative gifts and a life of purpose, you are very special to Him.

This Creator has a few guidelines to make you the best that you can be, to give you your truest voice, and to attain the proper outreach and effectiveness for your good.

The Shivoo is a gift book for makers and creatives. Shaped inside of us is the creative imagination of our God. When you understand, you can allow your God-given creativity to flourish. And, you will learn in this book some important strategies. Oh, the stakes are high

Don't take for granted the wonders you possess, the wonders of God in this world, in your mind, in your fingers, in the projection of your life. The Creator's own creativity makes a pocket of priority and a place of belonging for you Bartnick shows us that knowing where you come from, and knowing why you belong, is key to your confidence because it is easy to get lost in the winding, bumpy, intersecting paths of life without the benefit of a central axis. Maybe you don't know where to find your central axis? In the beginning, God created. Should this matter? Does a hub for personal creativity even exist? Find out now.

Learn where your own authority and your glory belong


Whether you consider yourself a creative, or whether you are attached to one through bloodline or other ties, these ten game rules for the Shivoo will inspire goodwill and good work.

The best parties and mind-bending games don't just happen. A successful Shivoo takes a lot of strategy, some heart, a list of resources, and a guest list. When you understand the rules to a game set placed on a table before you, you'll begin to step into the strategies with the playing pieces. There can be many winners because each person is being summoned up an individual path. Nevertheless, the stakes are high.

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Publication Date: January 1st, 2019
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