Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia: Emergency, Disaster, Survival Preparedness (Paperback)

Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia: Emergency, Disaster, Survival Preparedness By Joseph Yao Cover Image

Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia: Emergency, Disaster, Survival Preparedness (Paperback)


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What if...you had the power to choose life over death?

Disaster can take many forms including those created by nature and those by man. In addition to preparing for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and the like, you need to also be ready for civil unrest. Even former safe havens like gated, affluent, suburban neighborhoods have been invaded by angry mobs. People are alarmed and buying firearms in record numbers, including many first-time buyers. But firearms alone are not enough.

Will you be a survivor? You can take control and choose life by taking the time now to assemble a Bug Out Bag (also known as a "BOB") to help you survive when disaster strikes.

The key is to prepare now. When disaster strikes, it's time to "grab and go." There may be no time to gather things from around your house. And it will be difficult or impossible to shop for items that others who failed to prepare are also desperately trying to procure.

This book saves you valuable time and expense learning how to put together your survival bag or BOB. Chapters are organized to make it quick and easy for you to find the information you need. Those of you who already have a BOB can use this book to determine if there may be other items to consider adding to your kit or to perhaps replace existing items.

Some of the information covered in this book includes:

● The concept that three BOBs are better than one and why you should consider setting up bags to help you survive short-, medium-, and long-term emergencies

● A list of recommended items and the rationale for including them in your BOBs

● A detailed list of items organized by survival category (e.g., 1st aid, water, fire, shelter, food, communication, etc) along with the size, price, and weight of each item. The items are coded to tell you which of the three bags they are best suited for.

● Specific products in different price ranges are presented to help people with different budgets.

● Learn how item selection within specific survival categories differs depending upon the anticipated duration of the disaster.

● How to organize the survival items inside your BOB for easy access and recognition

● How your BOB items will differ if you're on foot versus escaping by automobile

● Items to include for your pet

● Reference list for additional information

Use this book to:

● Create your own personalized list of items within each survival category to put into your three customized BOBs

● Calculate an estimate of the overall price and weight for each of your BOBs based upon your item selection. You can then add or subtract items from your BOBs to optimize price and weight.

When feasible, you'll be better off staying in place where you'll have the benefit of your network of friends and family as well as shelter and supplies afforded by your home or office. Under dire circumstances, you may be forced to flee fast. The information in this book will ensure that you have the critical items necessary for you to survive whether you're able to shelter in place or if you're forced to escape to another location.

Building a BOB is your survival insurance. Like having car or medical insurance:

● You hope you never have to use it

● It's too late to get it when an emergency happens

● And, you'll be ever so happy you have it when you need it

Life or death in the face of an emergency? The choice is yours. Empower yourself. Get started now to help ensure your survival.

Product Details ISBN: 9781087942100
ISBN-10: 1087942101
Publisher: Joseph Yao
Publication Date: January 25th, 2021
Pages: 438
Language: English