The Liminal Odyssey, The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between (Large Print / Paperback)

The Liminal Odyssey, The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between By Sande Hart Cover Image

The Liminal Odyssey, The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between (Large Print / Paperback)


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"Liminal" means threshold, and we find thresholds all day long if we have the eyes to see. Thresholds are not just a transitionary place, they are opportunities for discovery, awareness and choice.

We are at a fascinating place now in the history of the human species, at the threshold of the next paradigm shift. By all measures, our world is changing, and this requires us all to be prepared by building capacity to contribute to its ease.

The Liminal Odyssey is a vulnerable approach to consider a new way of looking at old problems, told through a weaving of Sande's true-life stories, each illustrating those practical applications of methodologies, philosophies, indigenous knowledge, and some science as tools to alchemize one's life. Because we are cultivating awareness and pausing in the spaces in-between, our life's Odyssey expands where synchronicities become daily occurrences and the mundane becomes the miraculous.

Sande set out to tell a single personal story that was fascinating and magical, which unleashed a series of synchronistic stories. Before she knew it, she was seeing that each story, easily discounted as "mundane," led to a teaching to learn from. Ultimately revealing was the realization that we each have these mundane stories that are really miraculous adventures in hiding, and how to slow down to grasp the moment. Then, what to do with that awareness in order to contribute to the emerging world that needs us all to be fully aware of our authentic power.

Some love the authentic and witty story telling. Some appreciate the vulnerability and humility that is relatable. Some value the practical application of not-so new skills combined to create something meaningful in a new way.

The Liminal Odyssey ideology suggests that a convergence of the skills and tools that Sande learned from some of our world's most spiritually prolific thought leaders create their own power-tool. Step into the Liminal Odyssey and hold on "

"The human adventure is an evolutionary journey filled with challenges and unknowns. In transitional times such as these, many of us long for a mentor, someone to take us by the hand and whisper reassurance that, despite outward appearances, everything is unfolding exactly as it must. And fortunately, every so often, a guidebook comes along to provide a map of the territory ahead. Sande Hart's Liminal Odyssey is such a book. It will provide you with the vision and the courage and the confidence to go where the brave dare not go, and to emerge transformed, your butterfly wings spread wide."

Andrew Cameron Bailey, co-Author of The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions For A New Paradigm. Author of The Mayflower Revelations

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