New York Evidence Handbook (Loose Leaf)

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New York Evidence Handbook (Loose Leaf)


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If you litigate or preside in any court in the state of New York, you know just how confounding the state's evidence law can be. New York Evidence Handbook is the new, comprehensive guide to all of the rules and principles of evidence applicable in New York courts. This new 1,000 page handbook presents a practical, contemporary approach to evidence -- written with the real-world challenges of the New York trial lawyer and judge in mind. It gathers into one, easy-to-use handbook all of the rules, the leading decisions, and the significant statutes you need to consider when assessing the admissibility of evidence. The book walks you through all the rules and their operation (as they relate to judicial notice, presumptions, relevance, the "best evidence" rule, etc.) discussing all of the leading authorities, and citing numerous trial examples.

Throughout New York Evidence Handbook, special attention is paid to helping you quickly solve commonly encountered, but difficult, evidence questions. Without requiring you to pore through older cases of little precedential value, you'll find the latest rules, cases and analysis on:

  • Expert evidence - Including DNA profiling, expert opinions based on facts not in evidence
  • Hearsay - Confrontation Clause problems, prior statements of witnesses, admissions by employees, hearsay included in business records
  • Privileges - Attorney client-privilege in the corporate setting, inadvertent or selective waivers, privileges for health care professionals
  • Witnesses - Impeachment by prior convictions and bad acts, evidence from hypnotized witnesses, prior inconsistent and consistent statements
  • Relevancy - Chain of custody for physical evidence, gory photographs, character and uncharged crimes, stipulations.

The fully revised third edition includes exciting updates and changes like:

  • The geometric expansion of digital evidence.
  • A new appendix providing detailed descriptions on more recent, cited cases
  • Fallout from the Supreme Court's revision of Confrontation Clause doctrine
  • The evolution of the law governing expert testimony.
Product Details ISBN: 9781454894391
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Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2020
Pages: 1588
Language: English