Retail Recovery: How Creative Retailers Are Winning in Their Post-Apocalyptic World (Hardcover)

Retail Recovery: How Creative Retailers Are Winning in Their Post-Apocalyptic World By Mark Pilkington Cover Image

Retail Recovery: How Creative Retailers Are Winning in Their Post-Apocalyptic World (Hardcover)


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A fascinating insight into how retailers can recover and thrive in retailing's "new normal."

This book offers a comprehensive analysis of new forces which are changing the way in which we buy products and experience brands. It includes in-depth interviews with some of the most innovative players--from John Lewis in the UK, to Nike and Patagonia in the US--in the hope of drawing out key learning points for the rest of the industry, across the globe. It also provides essential guidelines for governments, as they strive to rebuild society in the wake of recent catastrophes.

The retail industry, with which we have all grown up, has been devastated by the twin effects of the internet and the Coronavirus lockdown. Huge numbers of prestigious brands have gone under, or are a shadow of their former selves. The world economy has gone into deep recession, with reduced employment and incomes across broad swathes of society. Many discretionary products have simply become too expensive for ordinary people to buy on a regular basis. High streets and shopping malls lie half empty, causing a vacuum at the core of our societies.

There is an urgent need to regenerate our local shopping centers, in order to create new hope in depressed areas. So how can retailers and brands respond to this crisis? Fortunately, new shoots of recovery are emerging from the wreckage of the old order--new brands, new technology, new ways of providing value, and new and innovative methods of creating excitement to draw in consumers, all of which have the potential to kick-start the retail economy.

Mark Pilkington is an experienced retailer and consultant, now based in the UK. After graduating from INSEAD, he joined Courtaulds, eventually becoming CEO of Gossard. While there, he coordinated the initial launch of the Wonderbra, with the associated media storm across Europe and North America. He has worked subsequently on joint ventures with M&S (, and has consulted extensively in the Middle East in the lingerie and cosmetics areas. His current role is in consultancy for major retail groups on strategic developments in a rapidly-changing sector, with clients in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia.
Product Details ISBN: 9781472987174
ISBN-10: 1472987179
Publisher: Bloomsbury Business
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English

“I always learn something from Mark’s books. This one is full of brilliant insights. A must read for any retailer.” - Mary Portas, retail expert and Chief Creative Officer, Portas

“If you want to understand the dramatic acceleration of change brought about by Covid-19 then read Mark Pilkington’s excellent book - and be optimistic about a highly innovative and entrepreneurial future.” - Lord Hague of Richmond, former UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

“A fascinating book explaining why we should be excited about the future of shopping.... forget the retail "apocalypse". This is the inside story of its rebirth.” - Henry Tricks, columnist, the Economist

“Mark hits the nail on the head. For too long we have been stuck in the ‘push’ mindset of physical retail and selling, rather than … the pull mindset of radical thought.” - Fraser Brown, Retail & Property Director, Heathrow Airport

“Consumers want the emotional connection and excitement of physical stores. This book gives you hope that there are retailers who can provide this – creating jobs as part of the adventure.” - Anne Ashcroft, writer and commentator

“Some excellent insights into how retailers can take advantage of the chaos caused by Covid-19.” - Hannah Middleton, fashion business consultant and Knowledge Exchange Lead, London College of Fashion

“There’s a wealth of interviews with CEOs, and plenty of in-depth analysis on offer to provide a road map for those emerging ‘from the wreckage of the old order.’” The result is a solid handbook for leaders navigating still-uncertain currents. - Publishers Weekly