Mig-29 Fulcrum - Wbt Vol. 41 (Warbirdtech) (Paperback)

Mig-29 Fulcrum - Wbt Vol. 41 (Warbirdtech) By Yefim Gordon, Peter Davison Cover Image

Mig-29 Fulcrum - Wbt Vol. 41 (Warbirdtech) (Paperback)


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In the late 1960s the Soviet Union was working on a fourth-generation jet fighter concept. These aircraft would form the backbone of Warsaw Pact air forces in the next decade. The Soviet aerospace industry began considering enhancing combat capabilities with new air-to-air missiles and a sophisticated weapons control system. Thus the MiG-29 was born. High maneuverability, a high thrust-to-weight ratio, a wide speed range, and special short-range missiles are just a few of the MiG-29's special characteristics.

This book extensively covers the concept, variants, upgrades, carrier trials, service, sales, and what the future holds for the MiG-29. Find out how the MiG-29 paved the way for aerodynamic refinements, improved handling, stability, and technological changes that simplified the building process. Learn details on the MiG-29's engine and controls. Powered by two Klimov NPP (Izotov) RD-33 afterburning turbofans rated at 5,040 kgp (11,111 lb st) at full military power, and armed with an internal gun, short- and medium-range air-to-air missiles, unguided rockets, and free-fall bombs, the MiG-29 is truly a marvel in military aircraft. Authors Yefim Gordon and Peter Davison use over 300 photos to illustrate the story of the MiG-29. Topics covered include design, development, structural detail, international production, trials, comparisons, overseas sales, and much more. This book is a must have for all aircraft enthusiasts.

Product Details ISBN: 9781580070850
ISBN-10: 158007085X
Publisher: Specialty Press
Publication Date: August 26th, 2005
Pages: 104
Language: English
Series: Warbirdtech