Harmonizing Your Craniosacral System: Self-Treatments for Improving Your Health (Paperback)

Harmonizing Your Craniosacral System: Self-Treatments for Improving Your Health By Daniel Agustoni, William Martin Allen, Ph.D. (Foreword by) Cover Image

Harmonizing Your Craniosacral System: Self-Treatments for Improving Your Health (Paperback)


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Harmonizing Your Craniosacral System: Self-Treatments fo Improving Your Health offers exercises developed to promote healing, body awareness, and relaxation. The book’s techniques are based on the principles of craniosacral therapy, a hands-on approach that works gently with the spine, skull, sacrum, and connective tissue in the body to release pain and tension. Simple to perform, the exercises can be done either sitting or lying down, and each can be completed separately or as a unit. The book is unique because it is the only one that features selftreatment for craniosacral therapy.
The book begins with a description of the craniosacral system and its relationship to other body systems. Awareness and perception exercises cover breathing techniques and methods for sensing the parts of the body and its craniosacral rhythm. The quality of touch and exact finger and hand positions are discussed, and detailed instructions are provided for each self-treatment involving the sacrum, iliosacral joints, connective tissue, head, and facial bones. Illustrated with 105 full-color photographs and 9 black-andwhite anatomical drawings, the book concludes with helpful information about professional craniosacral therapy treatments, terms and definitions, and an alphabetized summary of self-treatments.
Daniel Agustoni has been practicing craniosacral therapy for twenty years. In addition to craniosacral therapy, he has trained in classical and biodynamic massage, Myofacial Release, and many other alternative modalities. The founder and director of the Sphinx-Craniosacral-Institut, he lives in Basel, Switzerland.
Product Details ISBN: 9781583942819
ISBN-10: 1583942815
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: June 14th, 2011
Pages: 152
Language: English
“Daniel Agustoni offers a powerful and wise prescription for self-healing through gentle craniosacral exercises that boost the body’s energy, enhance tissue and organ function, and stimulate the immune system. Read this book and reclaim power over your health and your destiny.”
—Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, cell biologist and best-selling author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness and coauthor of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from Here

“Daniel Agustoni is one of the best thinkers and writers in the field of craniosacral therapy. His newest book, Harmonizing Your Craniosacral System, is an invaluable guide for both the professional and nonprofessional. It receives my highest recommendation.”
—Benjamin Shield, PhD, international craniosacral therapy instructor and coauthor of Handbook for the Spirit, Handbook for the Heart, and Handbook for the Soul

"Craniosacral therapy has proven to be a powerful modality for healing and for relaxation of the whole person. Daniel Agustoni offers an important complementary dimension to the field. His book guides the individual on a journey of self-exploration and healing. Relaxation techniques invite one into a state of receptivity and awareness that enhances the benefits of craniosacral therapy. This book may serve as a stimulating introduction to craniosacral therapy for the layperson as well as a useful supplement to the student."
—Anthony P. Arnold, PhD, author of Rhythm and Touch: The Fundamentals of Craniosacral Therapy

"Drawing on his experience as a craniosacral therapist and teacher, Daniel Agustoni has provided a wide range of self-treatment protocols in a carefully arranged order. This book empowers us to discover the basic truth that the body can heal itself."
—William Martin Allen, DDS, PhD, craniosacral therapy instructor in the United States and Europe