Handbook of Depression in Children and Adolescents (Hardcover)

Handbook of Depression in Children and Adolescents By John R. Z. Abela, PhD (Editor), Benjamin L. Hankin, PhD (Editor) Cover Image

Handbook of Depression in Children and Adolescents (Hardcover)


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This timely, authoritative volume provides an integrative review of current knowledge on child and adolescent depression, covering everything from epidemiology and neurobiology to evidence-based treatment and prevention. From foremost scientist-practitioners, the book is organized within a developmental psychopathology framework that elucidates the factors that put certain children at risk and what can be done to help. Proven intervention models are discussed in step-by-step detail, with coverage of cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and pharmacological approaches, among others. Special topics include sex differences in depression, understanding and managing suicidality, and the intergenerational transmission of depression.

John R. Z. Abela, PhD, was Professor of Psychology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, until his death in 2010. Previously he was a faculty member in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at McGill University and Director of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Clinic at Montreal Children's Hospital. A clinical psychologist, Dr. Abela was a two-time recipient of the Young Investigator Award from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, among many other awards. Benjamin L. Hankin, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Denver. Previously he was on the faculty of the Department of Psychology at the University of South Carolina. Dr. Hankin is a developmental psychopathologist interested in vulnerability and stress models to depression. His work has been recognized with awards including, most recently, the American Psychological Association's Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology.

Product Details ISBN: 9781593855826
ISBN-10: 1593855826
Publisher: The Guilford Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2007
Pages: 529
Language: English
"Abela and Hankin have produced a superb volume on models of vulnerability and intervention in child and adolescent depression. Leading scholars cover key topics in a field that has exploded in the past decade. Each chapter not only critically reviews current knowledge, but also presents a developmental psychopathology perspective, making the volume unique among edited books in the field. All of the major topics in etiology, treatment, and prevention are addressed, as are such special issues as gender differences and youth suicide. Many of the chapters present original, integrative models. This highly readable book is an excellent resource for practitioners, scholars, and students alike."--Constance Hammen, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles

"This comprehensive text is written and edited by leading experts on the etiology and treatment of depression in youth. The book provides an interdisciplinary developmental perspective, and will serve as an excellent text for graduate or advanced undergraduate seminars. Both students and research scientists at all levels will find this an invaluable resource. The editors are to be congratulated on this outstanding, major contribution to our understanding of child and adolescent depression."--Judy Garber, PhD, Department of Psychology and Human Development, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University

"This outstanding volume offers complete, thorough coverage of theoretical and empirical work on youth depression. It will be an invaluable resource for students beginning their studies of unipolar depression in children and adolescents, as well as experienced investigators seeking a review of contemporary issues in the field. The chapters offer an excellent integration of developmental psychopathology theory, prevention science, and clinical interventions. The volume presents concise, yet exhaustive reviews from an outstanding set of contributors."--Mitchell J. Prinstein, PhD, ABPP, John Van Seters Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Provides a service by summarizing many major developments in current research and theory....A major strength of the book is its emphasis on the multiple pathways to depression, including stress-diathesis, interpersonal, and biological models."
— Social Service Review

"Offers a cutting-edge, comprehensive, scientific overview of contemporary models of the etiology, treatment, and prevention of depression in children and adolescents, with consideration of highly relevant special topics such as gender differences, maternal depression, suicidality, and abuse/neglect....This handbook is suitable for a broad audience including advanced undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral training seminars, and mental health-related professionals, clinicians and scientists alike. It greets trainees, scientist-practitioners, clinicians, and scholars across a range of child and adolescent mental health specialties at a critical time, when the increasing rate of depression diagnosis and progressively younger age at diagnosis strongly drive the need for maximal attention to early identification, prevention, and intervention among youth. The book transcends expectations in fulfilling this need by providing a timely, relevant, and readily accessible resource aimed at facilitating sound education, science, and clinical practice."
— Death Studies

"Offers an excellent integration of various etiological models, treatment, and prevention strategies. Another unique feature of this volume is its interdisciplinary approach for the development and maintenance of depression....The book is well-written and well-structured, with each chapter containing a comprehensive summary of the most recent and relevant studies. The strength and limitations of the studies and theoretical models are well discussed....I strongly recommend this book to students, practitioners, and researchers who are interested in child and adolescent depression. They will find this volume an invaluable resource."
— Psychological Medicine

"This is a comprehensive and well written book which examines the epidemiology, causes, treatment, and prevention of depression in children and adolescents. The authors are international experts in their fields who review and discuss the enormous developments in this area which have been made over the last decade. The approach is interdisciplinary....I would recommend this book to clinicians and scientists wanting to update their knowledge as well as to students learning about the subject."
— Child and Adolescent Mental Health Journal

"Offers a compilation of the research on etiology, treatment, and prevention of childhood and adolescent depression during the last decade. The editors have carefully integrated findings from the lab with therapeutic interventions for treatment in one volume. They alert readers to the developmental differences in symptoms, gender differences, reasonable expectations for treatment, and what to expect from those affected, all rooted in a developmental psychopathology context....The contributors of this book go beyond the general depression treatments and offer exciting new models to address prevention and special populations related to depression. For each model the core theoretical basis is reviewed, with multiple research findings offered. Each treatment presented in the book appears to have good potential for application in certain therapeutic environments....By successfully bringing together current research on the etiology of depression and its treatment and prevention, the editors have produced a historical reference book. Experts have identified research gaps in the child and adolescent depression arena. Some readers may find the book inspirational, offering challenges to further the empirical base for understanding this vulnerable group of young people. Researchers will delight in the current research fodder. Many of the chapter contributors are considered experts in the depression field. Each chapter is specific and well organized for the reader. The book offers one of the most comprehensive reviews of the current literature on child adolescent depression to date. Professors will find the book useful in guiding students to use interventions that are grounded by empirical data. Practitioners will initially want to devour the treatment chapters, hoping to find solutions to the childhood depression conundrum....A phenomenal reference book that represents the current state of child and adolescent depression."