Traveling While Married (Paperback)

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Traveling While Married (Paperback)


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Ah, travel! New scenery, exciting adventures, time alone with a loved one. Truth is, travel can make or break a relationship. Just negotiating when to leave for the airport can be tricky: she insists on arriving hours ahead of flight time, he likes the excitement of a photo finish. But as Mary-Lou Weisman sees it, "The inevitable rage with which we begin each trip only helps us to better appreciate the good times that lie ahead."

Or maybe not. When people have jet lag, can't speak the language, figure out the money, or maintain intestinal regularity, they get cranky. And since they don't know anybody else in Kyoto to take it out on, they take it out on each other. Alas, couples therapy is rarely available on vacation, which is why we need this hilarious and truthful take on travel and togetherness.

Using her own misadventures--from honeymoon through Elderhostel--Weisman exposes all the gender landmines:

Destinations: He wants to outrun molten lava down a volcano, she prefers raking gravel in a Buddhist monastery.

Motivations: She longs for a change of scenery, he hopes for a change of self.

Preparations: She keeps a file of required sights, he won't be bullied by travel guides.

Accommodations: She divides every hotel room in half so he'll know on which side of the bed to throw his wet towel.

Inclinations: She shops a country, he eats it.

This is the real skinny on what happens when Mars and Venus hit the road. With a sly wink, a comic nod, and just the right amount of optimism, Weisman shows us that despite the shortcomings of one's beloved, harmonious travel is possible.

Mary-Lou Weisman is a journalist and author whose books include Intensive Care: A Family Love Story, Traveling While Married, and Al Jaffee’s Mad Life. Her essays, feature articles, interviews, and reviews have appeared in The New Republic, Newsweek,Glamour, Vogue, The Atlantic, and The New York Times. She lives with her husband in Westport, Connecticut.

Product Details ISBN: 9781616206284
ISBN-10: 1616206284
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Publication Date: April 25th, 2003
Pages: 192
Language: English