Hoodoo for Everyone: Modern Approaches to Magic, Conjure, Rootwork, and Liberation (Paperback)

Hoodoo for Everyone: Modern Approaches to Magic, Conjure, Rootwork, and Liberation By Sherry Shone Cover Image

Hoodoo for Everyone: Modern Approaches to Magic, Conjure, Rootwork, and Liberation (Paperback)


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A beginner’s guide to an inclusive Hoodoo practice--history, spellwork, folklore, and herbs

Hoodoo is a folklore tradition that was created by and for enslaved African Americans in the southern United States. And before there were honey jars, red brick dust, and everything else you may associate with Hoodoo, there was the need to be free.

This is not the #kitchenwitch Hoodoo you’ve seen on social: it’s magic for those who seek liberation and healing, for those who have been hurt, misunderstood, or cast aside. This is Hoodoo, updated: history, foundations, spellwork, and spiritual guidance made accessible to everyone, inclusive of all backgrounds and genders.

Written with three guiding Hoodoo tenets--Intention, Faith, and Direction--in mind, Hoodoo for Everyone offers everything you need to know about the practice: rituals, conjure, rootwork, divination, herbs, plants, and ancestor work.

Shone’s modern Hoodoo also goes in-depth into discussions of gender, religion, and cultural appropriation. She answers the questions:
   Is Hoodoo the same as Voodoo, Lucumi, or Santeria?
   How do I connect to an ancestor if I don’t know my family’s history?
   Is Hoodoo accessible to queer folks?
   Can I practice Hoodoo even if I’m agnostic or Christian?
   How can I practice Hoodoo respectfully and with sensitivity?

With spells and verses organized by topic and a list of spices, herbs, and spellwork objects, Hoodoo for Everyone is for all readers called to Hoodoo, new and experienced alike. For anyone seeking a natural spiritual practice, a connection to their history, or a deeper connection to non-judgmental life energy, Shone offers a comprehensive guide to manifesting deliverance through Hoodoo magic.
Sherry Shone, aka That Hoodoo Lady, is a Black, Lesbian Hoodoo worker with years of experience helping clients receive deliverance using Hoodoo rituals, products, readings, clearings, and classes. She has presented her knowledge of Hoodoo in podcasts, classes, and events in Colorado, Kansas, Texas, North Dakota, California, New York and now from her home in Oregon. Shone’s self-published Hoodoo Guide to the Bible has been sold to the curious hoodoo population in the United States, Italy, India, and Great Britain. Shone is also a leader in the tarot community: she co-led the largest tarot meetup organization (The Denver Tarot Meetup), was a facilitator and presenter at the Denver TarotCon, and has been a presenter and reader at fairs and conventions over 15 years.
Product Details ISBN: 9781623177089
ISBN-10: 1623177081
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2022
Pages: 312
Language: English
"Shone offers hoodoo ethics; an extensive index of useful Bible verses; a glossary of spices, herbs, and roots; and versatile chants, prayers, offerings, and blessings to help equip the new practitioner. [Her] gift is to be expansive, earthy, and inclusive."—Spirituality & Health

“From the first opening words, this book GRABS you! Shone is a master at painting a picture of what Hoodoo is, and what a Hoodoo practitioner looks like… which is anybody. She walks you through her own beginnings and how she came to recognize that she is a Hoodoo practitioner. Shone takes the reader into the richness of Hoodoo’s origins and history, and her personal self-discoveries that give the practice of Hoodoo a place in everyday life for anyone wishing to examine it. I found so much connection to my own practices in both rituals and content. I believe this book will help any person exploring the metaphysical arts find real-world foundations to build upon and enhance their own experiences. Thank you, Sherry, for sharing another part of your spiritual journey to help enlighten the path of others.”
—Brenda M Hardwick, energy healer and author of Allowing the Magic, Allowing the Miracles

“Sherry Shone shines again. In her second book, Hoodoo for Everyone, Shone serves as a warm and compassionate guide through her updated practice of Hoodoo for the modern world. Her joie de vivre radiates in her writing, but she never tempts readers to look away from harsh truths. Rather, Shone helps us face reality head on and, armed with her stories, wisdom, knowledge, and the tools of her magic, heal.”
—Amy Torok, coauthor of Missing Witches