Aromatherapy for Sensual Living: Essential Oils for the Ecstatic Soul (Hardcover)

Aromatherapy for Sensual Living: Essential Oils for the Ecstatic Soul By Elana Millman Cover Image

Aromatherapy for Sensual Living: Essential Oils for the Ecstatic Soul (Hardcover)


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Aromatherapy has successfully infiltrated our world. The flowers are speaking and we are listening. Innocuously, most people have a bottle of lavender, peppermint, or even oregano tucked away in the back of the drawer or medicine cabinet for an emergency bout of insomnia or nausea or to conquer a cold or flu. We have been told that flowers heal and cure and we believe. Through positive experimentation, most people understand that essential oils can be used, not only for beauty or as perfume, but also for medicinal purposes.

With the trend toward more natural remedies, aromatherapy is quickly becoming a staple for those who want to empower their own health and healing and avoid costly doctor visits. People are waking up to the inherent powers of nature and doing so with brilliant results. However, most people don’t yet know the depth and breadth to which essential oils can heal and help.

Aromatherapy for Sensual Living is here to teach. With the daily use of essential oils, your immune system will be stronger, you will look more youthful, and you will actively be aligning yourself with the divine knowledge held within the plant kingdom. You have virtually endless options to choose from to empower your health and open a treasure trove of luscious libations to tempt and tease.
Elana Millman started her passionate lifelong love affair with essential oils as a teenager and has used them every day for every aspect of her life for twenty years. She trained with Nadine Artemis of Living Libations and the Transformational Arts College to refine her knowledge base and create her own unique way of understanding and using oils. She has taught workshops on Erotics, Exotics, and Euphorics, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Essential Oils for Beauty, Cleaning Your Home without Chemicals, Aromatherapy for Women at Every Stage, and Essential Oils and the Endocrine/Chakra system in Canada and Japan. In addition to being an aromatherapist, Elana is a full-service wellness therapist where she lives in Toronto, Canada, specializing in holistic nutrition, reflexology, Reiki mastery, shamanic therapy, herbal medicine, crystal and color therapy, and lifestyle counseling.