The Principles of David and Goliath Volume 1: Mindset & Belief Systems (Paperback)

The Principles of David and Goliath Volume 1: Mindset & Belief Systems By Erik Swanson Cover Image

The Principles of David and Goliath Volume 1: Mindset & Belief Systems (Paperback)


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In The Principles of David and Goliath, we honor those who never waver in their mindset and beliefs, and for those who choose to take on the giants, even when it is not in their favor. Whether you are an underdog, faced with challenges, and unprepared, every battle and challenge can appear to be as big as a giant. In this three-volume book series, you will come to read and learn the words and principles of inspired leaders from around the world who have overcome their most significant challenges and obstacles. They share their stories and journeys of triumphs to teach others how to accomplish their own successes. Created by Erik "Mr. Awesome" Swanson, 13-time #1 Bestselling Author and Founder of Habitude Warrior International and Habitude Warrior Masterminds, his hope and desire is to inspire you, the reader, to realize your full potential and put faith in your abilities to conquer and overcome your own Goliaths in your life. Erik has invited 33+ Bestselling Authors and 13 Celebrity Authors to share their wisdom and share their stories with you. You will find yourself embracing many different emotions while reading each chapter and you will want to share these books with your friends and family.

Volume 1 - The Principles of David and Goliath - Mindset & Belief Systems

In the first book in the series, our authors dive deep into what it takes to have a clear and concise mindset. They teach the value of believing in yourself, as we can move mountains. Too many of us allow other people to determine our mindset for us. We are here to share the principles of developing a great mindset that encourages you to go that extra mile. We share steps for you to create your own all-powerful belief system.

Volume 2 - The Principles of David and Goliath - Strategy & Goal Methods

In the second book in the series, we share the realization that attitude is not everything. Having a great mindset is the first step, but, it needs to be followed up by a strategic method for your success. Our authors teach the strategies and goal methods that they have implemented over their lives to reach the summits of success. Success leaves clues. We are here to share with you our stories which not only will inspire you to take action, but will give you a blueprint to follow that will directly lead you to your ultimate goal.

Authors Include:

Erik Swanson, Brian Tracy, Alec Stern, Cynthia Kersey, Rob Angel, Adrienne Micali, Angela Harden-Mack, Angelika Ullsperger, Anthony Manzon, Bonnie Lierse, Bryce McKinley, Charlson Gaines, Crystal Lindsey, Darrell David Stern, Dawnese Openshaw, Derika & Christopher Faamausili, Diana Smith, Dr. Onika Shirley, Eileen Galbraith, Erin Ley, Faby Gonzalez, Fred Moskowitz, Gigi Sabbat, Gwen Mitchell, Jen Du Plessis, Jessa Carter, Jessica Bojorquez, Jon Kovach Jr., Kearn Cherry, Leba Cohen, Maris Segal & Ken Ashby, Mary Beth Kellee, Maureen Vincenty, Michelle Crites, Michael Wolf, Monica Pandele, Neetu Sing, Nicki Hu, Peter Mendiola, Phillip McClure, Rachel Diamond, Rachel Ivanovich, Roxanne Felton, Samantha Roberts, Shane Laufman, Steven Wener, Susan Carpio, Tom Malagisi, Valeria Mironov and Vera Thomas.

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Publisher: Beyond Publishing
Publication Date: April 29th, 2022
Pages: 330
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