No Greater Love: A Celebration of How High, How Deep, and How Wide God’s Love is for His Children (Hardcover)

No Greater Love: A Celebration of How High, How Deep, and How Wide God’s Love is for His Children By Dominique Okonkwo, Lhaiza Morena (Illustrator) Cover Image

No Greater Love: A Celebration of How High, How Deep, and How Wide God’s Love is for His Children (Hardcover)


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Embark on a captivating journey of discovery and explore the boundless nature of God's love. 

No Greater Love tells a story of love and hope. With each page turn, children will be mesmerized by the rhyming narrative and beautifully illustrated scenes that bring to life the message of God's love being wide, high, deep, and long. A heartwarming and inspiring read, this book is the perfect tool to plant seeds of faith and guide children on the path to understanding just how much God loves them.

This read-aloud, rhyming book with colorful illustrations is perfect for: 

  • Sparking the imagination of young children ages 3-8
  • Sharing the message of God’s great love that is high and deep and wide
  • Gift-giving during Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, baptisms, and seasons of church ministry outreach
  • Inspiring faith-based and Biblical discussions with parents, grandparents, friends, and teachers
  • Establishing Jesus as the provider of immense love outlined in Ephesians 3:18-19 and initiates age-appropriate conversation about God’s unending, unconditional, and constant love

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Dominique Okonkwo, an award-winning Haitian-American author and writing coach based in Miami, FL, draws inspiration from her family's adventures, shaping her devotion to creating exceptional and inspirational literature. Actively engaged in community events across Miami-Dade and West Palm Beach counties, Dominique's commitment to writing and service reflects her passion for making a positive impact. Dominique is the proud recipient of awards from prestigious platforms such as Kirkus, Writer's Digest, and Readers' Favorite. These accolades stand as a testament to her exceptional storytelling and literary prowess. Her tireless dedication to storytelling serves as an inspiration, proving the transformative power of narratives in children's lives. Dominique has achieved extraordinary success through a successful self-publishing journey marked by determination and belief in her goals. Currently residing in Miami, FL, Dominique continues to spread her message of hope and love through her writing, embodying the essence of an emerging voice in children's literature. For the latest releases and newsletters, visit and join the conversation on social media @DOKWrites.

Lhaiza Morena Castro is a Brazilian artist who set out on a mission to represent black characters in children’s books, helping young black readers love themselves, their hair and their skin. With her bold and energetic cartoon style, she is achieving that goal and then some. A rising star in Brazilian children’s illustration, Lhaiza now has an enviable client list including brands that are household names across the country.
Product Details ISBN: 9781640609310
ISBN-10: 1640609318
Publisher: Paraclete Press
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2024
Pages: 32
Language: English
No Greater Love immediately reminded me of Ephesians 3:17–18, which is an attempt for humanity to grasp just how wide and long and deep is the love of God for each of us. For me, this book embodies a biblical message that young readers will not only understand but also embrace! What a beautiful and necessary message to plant early on in childhood!  —Linsey Davis, television broadcast journalist and bestselling children's author

The book is beautiful, from the illustrations to the story to the heart of the gorgeous young girl seeking answers about love and nature. I believe this book could awaken the curiosity of young children of all backgrounds and introduce them to the answers they have been searching for. Great job, Dominique. You are leading the way. —Marvin Winans Jr., Recording Artist and Lead Pastor of Perfecting Home Church

No Greater Love is a delightful celebration of God’s love—the myriad ways He cares for us, comforts us, and ultimately changes us. With engaging lyricism and lively illustrations, it’s sure to become a family favorite, a book you read together time and again. —Elizabeth Laing Thompson, author of many books for women and teens, including When God Says, “Wait”, All the Feels, and All the Feels for Teens

As a father, I love how Dominique opens up with a series of very innocent questions. This is exactly how my daughter innocently approached learning about God. She then turns the table and paints a vivid picture of God's love around us in everything, everywhere, all at once. She then seamlessly shifts into a call to action, showing children how they can participate in God's love. And the icing on the cake, ending it with Psalms 139. The art and beauty of this book is how it gently holds the reader's hand from beginning to end, with clarity and simplicity. Dominique nailed it again. —Anthony 'AJ' Joiner, CEO and Founder of Blooksy

“As a mom, I understand the importance of teaching your children biblical principals at a young age and how imperative that is in helping your kids to better grasp details of the Christian faith. This book helps parents to do so in a practical way by not only describing the vastness of God’s love, but also teaching little ones how to love others well using His example. This is a concept any and every child should know, and the way the author accomplishes this so successfully in her colorful and poetic words is beautiful.” —Kytia L’amour,  Author and Public Speaker