Helping Your Kids Anxiety 2 In 1: What Your Average Therapist Won't Tell You About Your Kids Anxiety (Paperback)

Helping Your Kids Anxiety 2 In 1: What Your Average Therapist Won't Tell You About Your Kids Anxiety By Lawrence Conley Cover Image

Helping Your Kids Anxiety 2 In 1: What Your Average Therapist Won't Tell You About Your Kids Anxiety (Paperback)


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Do you ever wonder what your anxious child is feeling?

Are you lacking the appropriate tools to help your loved one cope in a healthy productive way?

Are you ready to watch your kid shine bright while they independently manage their own anxiety?

Are you answering yes to the questions above? Then, you've landed on a solution.

This book is for the parent who wants to understand pediatric anxiety to its core.

Anxiety runs on a spectrum where various techniques work better than others - which is why this book is packed with coping strategies for different times, places, and situations suited to fit a range of children's needs.

The world of anxiety is vast and can feel overwhelming.

But understanding one topic at a time while identifying what works for your child can evoke self-awareness while bringing an immense sense of relief for everyone involved.

From an author who understands the parent-child relationship with anxiety, this guide decodes how to work with your children so that they can feel comfortable navigating life on their own terms.

Liz Matheis, a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in assisting children and their families with anxiety, published an article in 2019 titled, Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety in Children.

She states, "Anxiety presents itself in many ways in children that are not always easy to pick up on.

Essentially, anxiety in children tends to manifest as negative behaviors that you may have glimpsed briefly in the past, but that are becoming consistent and intense.

The development of anxiety in children is linked to a situation or perceived event that is frightening or traumatizing."

This handbook includes:

  • The Anxiety Workbook for Kids: Proven Tools to Cure Your Kid's Paralyzing Fear
  • The Anxiety Cure for Kids: Little-Known Things that Might Worse Your Kid's Anxiety and How to Fix Them

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • A toolbox of over 14 mental exercises and coping strategies that can be used RIGHT NOW to keep your kid's worry at bay (even if your other tactics have been ineffective).
  • Anxiety Checklist - a hands-on approach to understanding if your child has symptoms of anxiety while getting to the root cause of distorted thinking and habitual destruction.
  • Over 7 case studies surrounding mental disorders that allow you to understand what external factors trigger anxiety and how feelings are involved.
  • How to effectively measure pediatric anxiety through tracking and documenting progress - which will uncover what methods work for your child and how to prepare for a relapse.
  • How to identify and understand the sources of your child's fear (and your own) with a Study Your Fear Questionnaire.
  • Why the indulgent parenting style is the best for preventing behavioral problems and what SIX actions a parent can IMMEDIATELY take to support their child.
  • How to stop your child from feeding his or her own fear and creating a negative spiral loop of self-sabotage (that can eliminate any progress made).

... and much, much more

Your child's anxiety doesn't need to run your household, but your child needs your patience and comfort to know he or she is not alone.

Click "Add to Cart" now to gain the autonomy both you and your child need to live a happier less worrisome life.

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Publication Date: November 3rd, 2019
Pages: 340
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