Self-Esteem Tools for Teens: A Modern Guide to Conquer Your Inner Critic and Realize Your True Self Worth (Paperback)

Self-Esteem Tools for Teens: A Modern Guide to Conquer Your Inner Critic and Realize Your True Self Worth By Megan MacCutcheon, LPC, PMH-C Cover Image

Self-Esteem Tools for Teens: A Modern Guide to Conquer Your Inner Critic and Realize Your True Self Worth (Paperback)


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Simple, effective strategies to build teen confidence and self-worth

Whether you are dealing with overwhelming emotions, peer pressure, bullying, or the struggle to fit in, adolescence can be a bumpy road. Self-Esteem Tools for Teens will help you come away with a better appreciation for who you are and a greater ability to recognize your potential.

Once you learn the basics of self esteem, dive into the personalized prompts to figure out how to build healthy, positive feelings. The book culminates with loads of tips, techniques, and insights rooted in stories about real-life teens who've successfully boosted their self esteem. Throughout you'll use helpful journal exercises to guide you along the way.

Learn confidence and self esteem through:
  • A teen POV—Discover engaging, design-focused content that speaks to the heart and heartache of everyday life experienced by today's teens.
  • Story-based learning—Explore richly detailed narrative scenarios about teens successfully working through low self esteem issues.
  • Silencing your inner critic—Help teens discover their self-worth with practical but engaging techniques and strategies.

Find your inner strength and overcome the uncertainty of adolescence by building self esteem.
MEGAN MACCUTCHEON is a self-help author, licensed professional counselor, and certified perinatal mental health practitioner. She’s passionate about helping people achieve a better quality of life by healing from trauma, improving self-esteem, managing anxiety, and decreasing depression. For more information and to access her workshops, please visit
Product Details ISBN: 9781647398422
ISBN-10: 1647398428
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: November 17th, 2020
Pages: 144
Language: English
“Whether you are a teen longing to explore your inner power or a clinician seeking practical tools for your adolescent client, this book is what you are looking for. With the ever-building pressure of engaging with peers through social media platforms, pre-teens and teens alike are constantly bombarded with distorted information. With an intuitive layout, well-explained content, and visually pleasing aesthetics, this book is a must-have for any clinician's toolbox as we help clients push back against these pressures by growing and maintaining a healthy sense of self.” —Lauren McBride, M.Ed., LPC, Psychotherapist with McLean Psychotherapy Practices

“This book is a wonderful tool for teens and their supporters to work through the ups and downs of life. It is poignant, accessible, and filled with high-quality pathways for teens to be successful.” —Suzie Staley, Ed. S, Associate Director at The Neutral Zone Teen Center

Self-Esteem Tools for Teens is a masterful, inspiring book that offers teens an authentic guide for developing and maintaining healthy self-esteem. Using relatable and highly engaging examples, this book provides a safe and inspiring space where teens can engage in self-reflection, self-awareness, and become empowered to discover their unique, healthy self. A must-read for all teens.” —Stephanie F. Dailey, Assistant Professor, Counseling and Development, George Mason University

“As parents and educators, we want our teens to feel confident, powerful, and at ease in the world. During adolescence, it's easy to base your value on things outside of yourself—like your achievements, intelligence, looks, or approval from others. Empowering teenagers with tools to connect with their own worth while untwisting self-defeating beliefs is critical, and MacCutheon's new book does this well. Self-Esteem Tools for Teens equips teens with relatable guidance and effective exercises to support them in discovering confidence and self-respect.” —Alison McKleroy, MFT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Founder of Center for Spark, and Author of Essential Strategies for Social Anxiety