The ISSA Interview: A Jack Rabbit Novel (Paperback)

The ISSA Interview: A Jack Rabbit Novel By R. C. Westland Cover Image

The ISSA Interview: A Jack Rabbit Novel (Paperback)


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The ISSA Interview is an imagined interview of Jesus Christ by Jack Rabbit, hero of the White Glove Fiction series. Jack Rabbit is a changeling who can travel through time. He undertook to do this interview after learning that children in contemporary times wonder what happened to Jesus between his ages of 12 and 29. The Christian bible says nothing about Jesus during those formative years in a person's life.

In this novel, Jack Rabbit becomes an investigative journalist. Jack's adventure takes him a thousand years into the past, from the Texas of 1100CE to the time of Jesus Christ.

As always Jack gets into trouble with the locals and still takes advantage of the situation.

Find out what happens when Jack confronts Pontius Pilate, compete as a Roman gladiator in the arena games, meets with Jesus, and befriends the Disciples.

The Issa Interview is the fourth in an ongoing series on the adventures of Jack Rabbit. Jack is a changeling who can travel through time. He uses his extraordinary power to learn about things that have happened in the past and have yet to happen in the future.

A large jackrabbit, two feet long from nose to tail and ears of almost equal length, was moving away from its nest in a hollow in the desert sand. Its daily scrounging for edible sprouts, to maintain a body weight of nine pounds, had begun. The jackrabbit - technically a hare - weaved around the cactus and sage brush, its palpitating nose directing the rest of its body westward, toward the high ground.

Product Details ISBN: 9781648831966
ISBN-10: 1648831966
Publisher: White Glove Fiction
Publication Date: September 6th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English