Jimmy Hoffa Is Missing-The Gap: Long-Held Family Secret-Until Now! (Paperback)

Jimmy Hoffa Is Missing-The Gap: Long-Held Family Secret-Until Now! By David W. Tubman Cover Image

Jimmy Hoffa Is Missing-The Gap: Long-Held Family Secret-Until Now! (Paperback)


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"Jimmy Hoffa Is Missing"

This was the main headline that appeared on the front page of The Detroit Free Press-Metro Edition on August 1, 1975. It was the first announcement of the disappearance of James Riddle Hoffa two days after he vanished from The Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

"Last Seen Outside Restaurant"

The tag line above the August 1, 1975 headlines would become the end of the trail for the FBI. Not only were they missing critical details known by the Tubmans, but thousands of other false leads meant there would be no possibility of solving and prosecuting the main suspects in the case.

'The Gap' (2:30-4:00 pm)

This was the 90-Minute gap in time that Chuckie O'Brien's alibi could never seem to fill. His alibis were scattered and difficult to pin down.

The FBI zeroed in on a 90-minute time period, which I call 'The Gap.' New evidence reveals exactly where Chuckie O'Brien went between 2:30 and 4:00 pm. Unfortunately, the case would hit a roadblock and no new evidence would surface.

Since 1975 the question has remained unanswered.

That is-Until Now

The Cover Photos:

-The two photos I chose for the cover are of a maroon 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham sedan. This is not the actual vehicle but is the same model car that Joey Giacalone loaned to Chuckie O'Brien. O'Brien admits that he drove the car all day long. He admits he even drove in the 'vicinity' of The Red Fox at about the same time Hoffa went missing at 2:45 pm but insisted Jimmy Hoffa was not in the car with him.

-The photograph of the rear seat depicts where Jimmy Hoffa was last seen alive as he sat in the back of the 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham.

It was going from The Red Fox to a destination unknown to the FBI.

Where's Jimmy Hoffa?

The eyewitness statements within these pages will account for and answer that very question.

With the new details from the Tubman family secret, this book will also add much new information to their account and work outward. The results are a logical, though circumstantial, trail that continues for another 15 minutes. The persons, the car, the activities inside the Mercury, where it went, and what was waiting for it when it arrived-tell a complete picture that convincingly explains the fate of James Riddle Hoffa.

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