Transparency (Paperback)

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Transparency (Paperback)


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I did not write this book to magnify any racial agenda. Rather, the purpose of my penmanship was to find a way to mend us. These invisible barriers have left us divided and conflicted, but my actions are truly altruistic. Because of my orientation, I can write about the experiences of a Black man. And this club is full of spades. We've been dealt a Black hand. But my heart is that diamond in the rough that will speak up to say, "Enough is enough." Not just speaking out against systemic oppression but boldly praying for mutual progression. I want love to conquer every battlefield known to man. I don't care who's down in front of me; I will gladly extend my hand. And if I'm ever called to duty, I want to embrace the war zone with the same love that created the earth, the same love that granted my Savior's birth, the same love that gave life to a barren womb, the same love that walked out that tomb, the same love dangled on that cross, and the same love that found me when I was lost. I can only dream to love like that. That's a love that doesn't lack. That's a love that isn't Black or White or any of those colors in between. No, that love is not green or greener on the other side. That love is clear and unconditional right where you reside. It only requires that you open your eyes and put all those "differences" aside. See, it's only one image that we were created in. There is not much difference about us. Save the skin. Like a Lycan of the underworld, I will metaphorically tear away this flesh. I will break down these walls till there's not a single brick left. I will continue my pursuit of happiness as I search for the locksmith that can remove these seven pounds of chains from each extremity. We've got it all wrong; there's only one enemy. This battle of flesh and blood and the damage it does is all for naught. Walking around with a cold shoulder just to end up somewhere hot. I pray to see a smile on every face that I am blessed to come in contact with, no matter the color it may be. We are all one and the same, and that's something I hope this book will help you see.


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Publication Date: July 14th, 2022
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