Particles are Looped Strings (Paperback)

Particles are Looped Strings By Toby Kolstad Cover Image

Particles are Looped Strings (Paperback)


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String theorists have pursued a mathematical model of the universe that can neither be verified nor visualized. It is a theoretical construct with multiple dimensions, eleven at least, that has reached a dead end. This book offers another path to string theorists that starts with an analog model that can be visualized and tested against existing scientific theories and observations. From six basic assumptions or axioms, the author demonstrates how all matter was created and how all forces that have been detected by physicists and cosmologists can be explained. In testing these theories against the theories and observations of past chemists, physicists, and astronomers, no anomalies have been encountered. To the contrary, the new paradigm that has been offered for the structure of the atomic realm provides new insights in the such esoteric concepts as anti-matter and dark matter. For cosmologists, new insights into the mystery of the Big Bang and the "Inflationary Period", as well as Dark Energy and the constancy of the speed of light have been made possible by this new model of the atom.

Most importantly, this new model offers a path to a Unified Field Theory that has been sought by all physicists for over 100 years. The four forces in the universe that have so far been defined by physicists can be shown to be just four manifestations of but one force. This result was the initial reason for pursuing this subject; all the other scientific insights described in the preceding paragraph came our of the due diligence review process.

Product Details ISBN: 9781662920165
ISBN-10: 1662920164
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication Date: December 15th, 2021
Pages: 182
Language: English