The Muslim Woman's Manifesto: 10 Steps to Achieving Phenomenal Success, in Both Worlds (Paperback)

The Muslim Woman's Manifesto: 10 Steps to Achieving Phenomenal Success, in Both Worlds By Kashmir Maryam Cover Image

The Muslim Woman's Manifesto: 10 Steps to Achieving Phenomenal Success, in Both Worlds (Paperback)


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Discover the secrets to achieving phenomenal success as a Muslim woman in this empowering guidebook. Through practical tips and inspiring stories, you'll learn how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of modern life with confidence and purpose. Whether you're seeking professional advancement, personal growth, or spiritual fulfillment, this book is your essential guide to becoming the best version of yourself, in both worlds.

"A must-have for every Muslim woman "

"Kashmir's manifesto I feel like is a nurturing book which strives Muslims to develop tactical steps to succeed in this life and the next life. It goes in depend about the reality of this life we're living in temporarily and reminds us of the next life we should prepare more for. I enjoyed reading this book because it was well written and clear to understand. I was able to do several of self reflections throughout the book. It helped me realize I need to invest time in myself by caring for myself with the same quality I like care for others. Her choice of words are strong and inspiring which develops a sense of self awareness and a beautiful guide of persuasion to lean even more towards the right path. It's a spectacular book and worth reading "
-Atika Shafiq

"This is such a powerful and transformative read In this book, Kashmir Maryam eloquently discusses numerous aspects of a Muslim woman's life in such a nuanced and comprehensive way and shares insightful guidance as to how we, as Muslim women in today's world, can rise above the challenges we face by reflecting upon the teachings of the Qur'an and Hadith and properly applying these teachings to our lives as modern Muslim women.. I found this book to be extraordinarily refreshing and such a powerful guide as to how we can recalibrate our compass and reset our priorities so that we can live a fulfilling life that will allow us to thrive emotionally, personally, and professionally in this world and achieve the ultimate success in the hereafter.This is a must-read for all Muslim women trying to better understand how to live a successful, meaningful and happy life. I will definitely be recommending this book to all my friends "
-Meriem Djelmami-Hani

"Kashmir's words in this manifesto have the power to inspire a sense of urgency and renewed individual purpose in everyone, from the most devout believers to those struggling to find the straight path. This manifesto, as a response to a riveting tragedy, seamlessly balances sociological phenomena, Islamic text, personal experience and practical exercises to create a reliable pathway to becoming a well-rounded, empowered and, above all, successful Muslima. This manifesto dissects what success truly means by delving into various factors that constitute the individual, such as one's disposition, attitude and habits, in a way that is meaningful to one's daily practice and offers concrete steps towards improvement in these varying facets of one's life. It is personal, it is practical, and it is, without a doubt, worth the read "
-Tooba Hussain

"This is a deep and light memento that speaks to the core of a Muslim individual and engages him/her in self-reflection and self-evaluation about living with a greater purpose through relatable encounters in life. The unique composition of 'The Muslim Woman's Manifesto: 10 Steps to Achieving Phenomenal Success, in Both Worlds', including a burst of beautiful quotes, excerpts, short stories, personal reflections from the author, poetry and best of all thought-provoking exercises that truly forces the reader to reflect on the powerful message within each chapter.."
-Salsabil Abou-Hatab
Product Details ISBN: 9781673661187
ISBN-10: 1673661181
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 15th, 2020
Pages: 144
Language: English