First-Time Parents Box Set: Becoming a Dad + Newborn Care Basics - Pregnancy Preparation for Dads-to-Be and Expecting Moms (Positive Parenting #6) (Paperback)

Are you are about to get your first baby but you feel you need the most need-to-know information to definitively help reduce fear and confusion?

Or maybe your baby is already here and you feel inadequately prepared for such a huge responsibility.

Facing fears and worries is completely normal during pregnancy or when the baby gets to depend entirely on you.

For some parents, it's something that comes naturally, but for most first-time parents it takes practice and proven tips.

Probably, instead of having 9 months of preparation, you have only a couple of weeks or maybe you have got your baby already and you want more specific information.

Don't panic. You don't need to waste time doing other researches

In First-Time Parents Box Set, all that work has already been done for you and the best news is that it has been created to help both MOMS & DADS.

All the information are genuine and field-tested

The weekly milestones and monthly action plans will help you make safe decisions on important matters like pregnancy preparation, birthing options & newborn care.

In this guide, you're going to discover:

  • How obstetricians and midwives look at 40 weeks of pregnancy to help you know in advance what is happening in her mind & body, and how your child develops in the womb.
  • How to recognize the 13 most common complications that could arise during pregnancy and delivery + important tips to handle the physical and psychological stress.
  • The basics of feeding a newborn, whether you have chosen to move forward with the breast or other formulas and possible obstacles when it comes to both.
  • The nitty-gritty of getting baby to sleep so that the whole house can feel relaxed (6- day time + 5 nighttime alternative routine solutions.)
  • The little-known secret about nursery and spaces This includes a special detailed list of essential gear and the "one thing" you must attentively check that could make the difference between life and death
  • The 11 wisest ways in which you can bond with your baby and their little-known effect on the newborn's brain.
  • Money management: Best tips from expert financial planners on saving, insurances, and retirement; this alone will save you $23,890 (according to The College Board), hours of time in consulting and sleepless nights
  • How to get into a deep, soul-pleasing rapport with your lover... and stay there forever You will never feel put aside again or abandoned.
  • The 5 latest science-based solutions about diet and activities in pregnancy to maintain the mental & physical fitness of your partner, which is also helpful when preparing for childbirth. Start picking up healthy habits you'd want to pass to your child.

...and MUCH MORE

*You'll also get access to a FREE bonus:

1) Developmental Language and Listening Checklist for 0-3 years

2) The Bump hospital bag checklist.

Everything you need to know about pregnancy and beyond is presented clearly in here; from basic to advance. This is an all-in-one package of step-by-step advice that you no longer need from others.

This Box Sex includes: "Becoming a Dad" & "Newborn Care Basics", projected for dads-to-be and expecting moms will help you to be prepared for pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care

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Product Details ISBN: 9781690437093
ISBN-10: 169043709X
Publisher: Creafe Publishing
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2020
Pages: 476
Language: English
Series: Positive Parenting