A (Patented) Heart Disease Cure That Works!: What Your Doctor May Not Know. What Big Pharma Hopes You Don't Find Out. (Paperback)

A (Patented) Heart Disease Cure That Works!: What Your Doctor May Not Know. What Big Pharma Hopes You Don't Find Out. By David H. Leake Cover Image

A (Patented) Heart Disease Cure That Works!: What Your Doctor May Not Know. What Big Pharma Hopes You Don't Find Out. (Paperback)


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Since 1994, none of us should have lost loved ones to heart attacks. You needn't die from one, either. Because, that year, a patent was filed for the prevention, reversal and cure of coronary artery disease.

Six months before his death from cancer, a 93-year-old genius gave mankind an incredible gift -- a simple, low-cost way to keep heart arteries healthy. To keep it in the public domain, he and an associate registered that patent to prevent pharmaceutical companies gaining control of it.

Those companies and their cohorts, instead, made the two men out to be fools. Not surprising. After all, their discovery stood between Big Pharma and its number one cash cow - statin drugs.

My own options ran out in 2007. After 17 years on every statin drug, I'd developed the same allergic reaction to them all. My heart doctor even said, "There is nothing more I can do for you." Desperate, I turned to the Internet. My prayers were answered when I found U.S. patent #5278189.

With no alternative available, I opted to try this "cure."

Then the supposedly impossible happened. After an invasive angiogram procedure conducted July 27, 2011, an expert cardiologist reported my heart to be "free of obstructive disease." That is why I had to write the first edition of this book.

There have been additional developments - including my own near death (when I let a throat specialist convince me this heart cure was causing a different medical crisis - turns out, it wasn't; see the new Chapter 2 in this Second Edition). Also, many of the links and references from the original book needed updating.

Do you or someone you love have coronary artery disease right now? You do NOT have to just "live with it." That's what I did for 17 years. But no more.

As you read this book you will learn:
- Coronary Artery Disease can be reversed, cured and prevented. Not by drugs, but by inexpensive supplements.
- cholesterol level is unrelated to heart disease.
- statin drugs do not reduce death rates due to heart disease.
- side effects of statin drugs are far more common than is being reported, and can include permanent muscle damage, brain damage, loss of memory, kidney damage, peripheral neuropathy and more.
- Statistics claiming the benefits of statin drugs are mostly made up.

I am angry. Why have I and millions of others suffered needlessly for decades, when a cure was available? Why have so many of your relatives and mine died from an epidemic that could have been prevented? Why have so many suffered side effects of statin drugs? And, why will I and others like me have to live the rest of our lives with damage caused by stents our hearts might never have needed?

Imagine the lives that can be extended, the suffering that can be averted, when more people learn there already exists a safe, inexpensive cure - and preventative -- for heart disease.

This book is for them, and YOU.

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Publisher: David H. Leake
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2018
Pages: 170
Language: English