Hell Is a World Without You (Hardcover)

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Hell Is a World Without You (Hardcover)


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Rarely has an Evangelical upbringing been depicted with the relentless honesty, wide-ranging empathy, and Superbad-meets-Siddhartha playfulness of HELL IS A WORLD WITHOUT YOU. During the time of Pizza Hut buffets, 9/11, and all-night Mario Kart parties, a grieving teenager faces a mortal crossroads: fire-and-brimstone certainty vs. forbidden love. And whether or not you've ever begged God to delay the Rapture (so you could have time to lose your virginity), that kid's story is about you.

"Thank you to Jason Kirk." -The Trevor Project, after this novel's launch raised over $50K for the LGBTQ charity

"Divinely savage, emotionally pure, devilishly funny."- Brian Dannelly, Saved

"Hilarious and big-hearted." - Brian Phillips, Impossible Owls

"No book has better depicted Evangelical terror."- Jane Coaston, CNN

"A magic trick."- Claire McNear, Answers in the Form of Questions

"Whoever you are, you'll find yourself in it."- Will Leitch, How Lucky

"Almost astonishingly accurate."- Jon Bois, 17776

"Genuinely funny. Painfully accurate."- Drew Magary, The Night the Lights Went Out

"I loved this book."- Anthony Oliveira, Dayspring

"Like reading my own teenage Evangelical diary."- April Ajoy, Evangelicalish

"Hilarious yet biting."- Zito Madu, The Minotaur at Calle Lanza

"Uncanny. I got severely weepy."- Jeb Lund, national columnist

"Will make you laugh, cry, and think."- Dr. Mike Altman, Religious Studies, University of Alabama

"Absolutely slaps, whether you were Evangelical or not."- Dr. Jonathan Beecher Field, English, University of Clemson

"Devastatingly funny."- Victoria Zeller, One of the Boys

"Will leave you laughing, crying, and feeling less alone."- Mason Mennenga, A People's Theology

"So quick and funny and smart."- Tommy Tomlinson, The Elephant in the Room

"Deeply funny. Deeply felt."- Tyler Parker, A Little Blood and Dancing

"Too real. Cathartic."- Blake Chastain, Exvangelical and Beyond

"So evocative."- Bonnie Kristian, Christianity Today

"Hilarious, harrowing, and romantic."- Pete Volk, Polygon

"What being raised Evangelical is like."- Dr. Jonathan Redding, One Nation Under Graham

"Funny, infuriating, and tender."- Jay Busbee, Earnhardt Nation

"Comedy with real heart."- Jennifer C. Martin, Dirtbag Christian

"I moved between laughing and crying so many times."- Zach W. Lambert, Better Ways to Read the Bible

"Surprisingly relatable. Read it."- Trey Ferguson, Theologizin' Bigger

"I'm thankful this book exists "- Casey Haas, Fun Sexy Bible Time

"So good."- Tony Ginocchio, Grift of the Holy Spirit

"Hits close to home."- Kevin Nye, Grace Can Lead Us Home

"You will relate." "This is for you."- Emily Rojas and Abigail Hewing, Readirect

"Immersive introduction into Evangelical world."- Dr. Erich Nunn, English, Auburn University

"Humanizes church kids." - Scott Hines, Action Cookbook

"Helped me understand myself." - Dr. Neil Shanks, Baylor University

"I love it." "So fucking powerful."- Andrew Klema and Dani Burford, Lit Lit

"Painful, thoughtful, and has a ton of soul."- Mike Golic, Jr., broadcaster

"For anyone."- Ryan Nanni, We're Not So Different

"Extraordinary." "Jason writes his ass off." - Holly Anderson and Spencer Hall, Channel Six

Product Details ISBN: 9781735492650
ISBN-10: 1735492655
Publisher: Shutdown Fullbooks
Publication Date: February 12th, 2024
Pages: 314
Language: English