Mahatma Gandhi and Religion (Paperback)

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Mahatma Gandhi and Religion (Paperback)


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India is a country where people are predominantly religious. Religion

and spirituality are firmly rooted in the minds of the Indian people. Some

countries are well known for their political institutions, others for their economic

prosperity while some others for their social advancement. India is well known

for her philosophy and religion. According to Max Muller the study of religion is

incomplete unless it is studied with reference to India. To others, Religion is

one condition among so many other countries, but to the Indian people it is one

great sustaining force, pertaining to all the spheres of their lives. Mahatma

Gandhi who was born and brought up in India could not escape this strong

influence of religion in all his activities.

In India the word 'Dharma' is used to mean 'religion'. But it should be

noted, that the word 'Dharma' in Hinduism has a much wider connotation that

what we ordinarily mean by the word religion. The word 'Dharma' comes from

the root 'Dhre' which means to 'sustain'. 'Dharma' is thus the greatest

sustaining force or the binding force of the society. The goal of 'Dharma' is to

create mental and spiritual fellowship among all men and to regulate its relation

with all living entities. It thus tries to keep the world in perfect equilibrium. It is

thus clear that the word 'Dharma' was not used in connection with any

particular religion. Any religion, any custom, any creed could be brought under

its fold and was thus out secular. Gandhi's concept of religion, therefore,

brought under its fold people belonging to different religions.

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