AI Based Pv Power Generation (Paperback)

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AI Based Pv Power Generation (Paperback)


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Traditional energy resources are losing significance

due to global warming and the quick exhaustion of fossil fuels. Non- conventional

energy resources like solar, wind, biomass, etc, can be highly beneficial in the

upcoming days. Incorporating renewable energy sources (RES) with electric grids has

gained significant attention and poses several challenging issues among the research

community. The discontinuous and uncontrollable nature of solar energy surges the difficulty of

grid management and increases the difficulty in handling the production and utilization

of electrical energy. Accurate solar power prediction (SPP) models are necessary for optimal grid

stability management. The present model mostly concentrates on the solution and the predicting

parts that remain unaddressed. The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) lacks most of the

forecasting mechanism; hence it proves to be a generic model. The current MPPT models are

inefficient in tracking the maximum power point because of the sunshine variation. The

emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique and their adoption of

various techniques have designed more than one domain automatically.

The idea of Smart Grid (SG) combines consumer solutions quantity

of technologies and meets numerous regulatory drivers and policies. SG is the


next generation power system which utilizes bi-directional flows of information and

electricity. The capacity of data amalgamation, reliable data communication, system monitoring,

secured data scrutiny, and supervisory and local controls of the SG could fulfil the

consumer-supplier demand needs like decline in the power utilization, cost of energy and enhance

the efficiency of

system. Figure 1.1 illustrates the concept of SGs.

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