Weapon of the Believer: A Manual of Daily Prayers & Supplications (Paperback)

Weapon of the Believer: A Manual of Daily Prayers & Supplications By Saleem Bhimji (Translator), Arifa Hudda (Editor), Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi Cover Image

Weapon of the Believer: A Manual of Daily Prayers & Supplications (Paperback)


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The supplication to Allah is a humble request from a powerless servant to the All-Powerful, Creator and Maintainer of the Universe. When a person supplicates, it does not mean that Allah does not know what His servant needs or wants because He is All-Knowing. However, by us asking Him, it makes our heart at ease, and adds to our humility and humbleness. In addition, supplicating to Allah helps us in expanding our capacity and being able to accept even more blessings.

Supplication plays a special role in our lives and there is deep wisdom behind it. If an individual was to fully understand the logic of this act of devotion, then one would inherit a magnificent treasure and would look at them in the correct light.

ABOUT THIS BOOK: Unlock the profound spiritual wisdom of Shia Islam with this illuminating manual of prayers. Within these pages, one will discover an invaluable collection of supplications directly sourced from the traditions of the 14 Immaculate ones, Prophet Muhammad and his Ahlul Bayt. This book offers both "quantity" and "quality," allowing a person to recite the very words they themselves prayed and encouraged their followers to recite. Moreover, it provides a complete and accessible English translation for each prayer, allowing those who do not understand Arabic to connect with the Almighty through Divinely-inspired words while deepening one's understanding of the soul. Dive into the heart of spirituality and enhance your connection with Allah as you explore the profound teachings of those closest to Him.
Product Details ISBN: 9781927930571
ISBN-10: 192793057X
Publisher: Islamic Publishing House
Publication Date: November 6th, 2023
Pages: 200
Language: English