The King-Queen (Hardcover)

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The King-Queen (Hardcover)


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Many storylines converge in the fifth book of The King of Three Bloods. Civilizations continue to be erected in the new lands. The Pitters have overrun the known world, save only the Isle of Ilkchild and a few other strongholds. The Skull Worm, the right hand to the Pitter Emperor, is set to release a torrent of elite mercenaries upon the Island.

Lord Arundel, the Son of the High King Sur Sceaf and Heir Apparent of the Herewardi Throne, is commissioned to reach a treaty with the young and powerful Ele-Anorian Queen, Zschamillah. Their love draws them to one another but moral differences force their peoples apart, mitigating the possibility of an alliance that is necessary. If the Chartreuseans are to survive the invasion of the ruthless Pitter Commissar, they must overcome centuries of engrained beliefs.

In Godesselle, King Sur Sceaf struggles with the governing body known as the Council of Women, who wish to seize Zschamillah's military assets by force. He does his best to buy the Young Prince Arundel time for a mission of diplomacy, but battles are erupting all over the Isle and without the Stronghold of Ele-Anor-Ness, the hopes of the Isle being a sanctuary will collapse.

Traitors reveal cracks in the Syr Folk's defenses, giving the Pitters a chance at victory. Herewardi heroes will die and Ilkchild's transgressions will require a costly atonement, for the Gods will not suffer themselves to be mocked.

Blood will soak the land.

Product Details ISBN: 9781945130205
ISBN-10: 1945130202
Publisher: Russell L. Howard II
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2019
Pages: 346
Language: English