The Tree Bridge (Paperback)

The Tree Bridge By Sherry L. Meinberg Cover Image

The Tree Bridge (Paperback)


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A long-lasting storm of two whole weeks hit California. The thunder, lightning, wind, and rain, seemed to never stop. The water was so high, it was hard to walk to school, and everyone was wet and cold by the time they got there. It was hard to hear, and it was hard to pay attention to their teacher, Ms. Matson, when there was a lightning show going on outside the row of windows of Room 21. Weeks later, when the students finally got to go outside, they visited Goldenrod Park, to see the damage. They saw that most of the bushes were rolling around with the wind, and many of the tree branches were ripped off, and some of the trees were completely knocked down. It was a shocking sight How did the third graders act? What did they do? What did they learn about trees? How would you have acted? What would you have done?

Product Details ISBN: 9781959895312
ISBN-10: 1959895311
Publisher: West Point Print and Media LLC
Publication Date: January 6th, 2023
Pages: 104
Language: English