Empowering the Teen Years: Life Skills for Success in School and Beyond (Hardcover)

Empowering the Teen Years: Life Skills for Success in School and Beyond By Claude Smith Cover Image

Empowering the Teen Years: Life Skills for Success in School and Beyond (Hardcover)


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Life is tough... especially when you're a teenager. But if your mind's already racing with thoughts about making the right decisions, how you're going to make money, or what you want to do with your future, you're on the right track

Do you ever feel like your life is being split in several directions? There's all sorts of stuff to worry about - school, a social life, extracurricular activities, work...

And as if that wasn't enough the future's coming at you really fast.

It's not just you... This is every teenager in history.

So how is it that some people make it look easy?

The answer is two little words: "Life skills".

Before your brain spins back to that lecture your mom gave you when you messed up that one time, relax.

Picking up life skills isn't a punishment, and it isn't meant to pull you away from all the fun parts of your life. In fact, it gives you a secret superpower, allowing you to balance every part of your life and have as much fun as you can - all while preparing to be a happy and successful adult.

Life skills are the techniques and coping strategies that allow you to grow and move forward without getting knocked down by setbacks. They make you stronger and more resilient... and with that comes great freedom and confidence.

The problem is, these skills aren't taught in school, and however hard they might try, your parents aren't always the best people to show them to you... Life skills are something you need to pursue yourself...

But here's some great news: You don't need to look any further Everything you need is right here.

This engaging and transformative guide is going to be your new best friend as you become a more confident and resilient version of yourself. Inside, you'll discover:

● How to become the master of time - discover how to use your time to achieve everything you mean to (and then some )

How you can study smarter, prepare effectively for tests and still have time for yourself (these are the study skills you actually want to know about)

● Why improving your communication skills will transform your life... and how to do it effectively

● Every tool you need to take your fear out of public speaking and actually enjoy giving presentations

● How to make sure the internet is working for you... and not against you - avoid scams, stay safe online, and only take in the best information

● Everything you need to know about money in order to keep it, grow it, and use it to get what you want

● The healthy living information everyone wishes they'd known when they were your age - and why it matters so much

How to look after your mind as well as your body (the key to overcoming stress and avoiding those miserable down days)

And much more.

This is the book that your parents wish they'd had when they were your age, offering a fresh perspective and additional tools to navigate the complexities of life - no matter how good the adults in your life are at giving advice.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could be in control and do "life" with confidence, safely, and in the knowledge that you can enjoy every moment?

Guess what? You can Let's begin exploring "life's solutions "

Product Details ISBN: 9781963520019
ISBN-10: 1963520017
Publisher: Quickening Publishing
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 146
Language: English