In the Shelter of Each Other (Small Scale Stories #4) (Paperback)

If you daydream, you will find friends in this book. If you talk to ducks and are sure you are communicating, you belong to the tribe. If clouds tell you stories, you are keeping your mind agile. If you believe everything is alive and is counting on you, you are connected to the universe in ways that are good for the planet.

You have imagination. You are creative. You don't think outside the box. You were never inside it. You see the world edgewise and are entirely comfortable with that. Small Scale Stories are for you.

In this fourth collection of Small Scale Stories, you will meet a contented beaver, a feather determined to help find a lost puppy, a rope and a stick becoming fast friends, a leaf trying to organize a symphony, a philosopher dog and many other offbeat characters. They will seem entirely familiar to you because you have met many just like them.

You see dogs, trees, stones, ducks and people as interconnected. You understand we have more genes in common with each other than we have differences. So pick up this book, kick back and relax. You are among friends, and we are only slightly off kilter.

Product Details ISBN: 9781988760056
ISBN-10: 1988760054
Publisher: Espoir Press
Publication Date: April 30th, 2017
Pages: 46
Language: English
Series: Small Scale Stories