On the Small Side (Small Scale Stories #10) (Paperback)

For nature lovers and anyone cherishing a connection with the world around them, Small Scale Stories are works of imagination and inspiration. In the 10th book of the series, you will meet a spider proud of her webs, a bridge that sings opera, a fearless sparrow, a crane who admires his reflection, and many more characters whose stories are worth pondering.

These small gifts are perfect gifts to spark an appreciation of our interconnected world. We look after the things we appreciate and pay attention to. The books encourage readers to reconsider their place in the world around them. They give voice to ordinary flora, fauna, and human-created objects.

As John Muir said in Nature Writings, "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." Small Scale Stories celebrate those connections. They are perfect gifts for any occasion.

Product Details ISBN: 9781988760186
ISBN-10: 1988760186
Publisher: Espoir Press
Publication Date: January 4th, 2019
Pages: 44
Language: English
Series: Small Scale Stories