Little Pianist. Piano Songbook for Kids: Beginner Piano Sheet Music for Children with 55 Songs (+ Free Audio) (Paperback)

Little Pianist. Piano Songbook for Kids: Beginner Piano Sheet Music for Children with 55 Songs (+ Free Audio) By Aria Altmann Cover Image

Little Pianist. Piano Songbook for Kids: Beginner Piano Sheet Music for Children with 55 Songs (+ Free Audio) (Paperback)


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One of the biggest mistakes when someone starts learning to play the piano is playing songs with their index finger instead of using all fingers and both hands. Most piano sheet music for kids has notes for practicing with the right hand only, which encourages the 'plinky-plonk' playing that children should avoid.

In this book, however, all songs have treble and bass clef notes for practicing with both hands

So, suppose you are looking for a diverse collection of 55 large print piano songs for children, young learners, or adult students that are simple enough for beginners to play and show letters (note names), numbers (fingerings), and lyrics. In that case, this is the perfect book for you.

In this book, you will get:

  • 55 EASY PIANO SONGS FOR KIDS - All songs have been arranged especially for young learners. This means that all complex chords and rhythms have been simplified. Also, all the pieces are kept relatively short, only one or two pages long. This will allow your child to enter the magic world of piano without frustration.
  • FROM EASIEST TO HARDEST - Are you tired of searching for piano pieces with the appropriate difficulty? At the beginning of this book, you will find very simple songs, and then they gradually get more challenging as the book progresses. This will keep your child motivated and enable them to progress through the levels.
  • DIFFERENT TYPES OF SONGS - You will get a diverse selection of pieces: well-known children's songs and nursery rhymes and simplified classical pieces, as well as famous English evergreens and international folk songs. This varied selection of easy sheet music will fuel your kid's enjoyment when practicing the piano.
  • WITH LETTERS AND NUMBERS - The most straightforward songs in this book are presented with letters above the music notes to help you know what keys to press. However, as the pieces get more complex, the note names have been deliberately left out to encourage note recognition. All songs include finger placements (numbers) in problem areas.
  • LARGE PRINT - Most music notes for beginners are pretty small, so learners struggle to read them without squinting. To avoid this, all songs in this book have a clear layout and large print for students to follow the pieces easily.
  • NOTES FOR BOTH HANDS - Most easy piano pieces for children have notes for practicing one hand only, encouraging them to play songs with only their index finger. The proper technique, however, is playing with all fingers and both hands. That's why all pieces in this book are in both treble and bass clef (i.e., both right and left hand).
  • BONUS: FREE AUDIO FILES TO DOWNLOAD - Do you want to get an idea of what a piece should sound like? If you are unsure how to play a piece, our audio files will help you get a feel for the melody.

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Product Details ISBN: 9783982379500
ISBN-10: 3982379504
Publisher: Sontig Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2021
Pages: 90
Language: English