Futuro Retro: New Edition (Hardcover)

Futuro Retro: New Edition By Maria Svarbova Cover Image

Futuro Retro: New Edition (Hardcover)


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M ria Svarbov injects a breath of fresh perspective into the realm of photography. With

a distinctive style that boldly diverges from traditional portraiture, she embarks on an

exploration of space, color, and atmosphere, carving a niche that transcends temporal


Her series "Futuro Retro" stands as a testament to her artistic transcendence, seamlessly

blending elements of tradition with a futuristic allure. Building upon the resounding

success of her inaugural photography book, 'Swimming Pool, ' M ria continues to captivate

audiences with her evocative imagery.

M ria's oeuvre is characterized by a refreshingly individualistic approach that defies

convention. Drawing inspiration from the socialist era, its architecture, public spaces, and

vibrant hues, she crafts visual narratives that resonate universally. Her work has garnered

widespread acclaim through solo exhibitions and global press coverage, affirming her status

as a visionary artist on the international stage.

Born in 1988, Maria Svarbova resides in Slovakia, where her artistic journey unfolds. Despiteher academic background in restoration andarcheology, photography emerges as her preferredmedium of expression. Since 2010, Maria's innatephotographic instinct has captivated audiencesworldwide, earning her international acclaim andestablishing new standards in photographic artistry.Recipient of numerous prestigious awards, Maria'ssolo and group exhibitions consistently position herat the forefront of contemporary photography. Herinnovative approach has garnered attention fromrenowned publications such as Vogue, Forbes, andThe Guardian, solidifying her status as a pioneering
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Publication Date: January 21st, 2025
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