Boosting Your Immune System: Foods and Supplements (Paperback)

Boosting Your Immune System: Foods and Supplements By Radha Krishna Cover Image

Boosting Your Immune System: Foods and Supplements (Paperback)


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A Comprehensive Look at the Body's Defense Mechanism, the Immune System

Humans rely heavily on this feat of biological engineering, the immune system, to ward against harmful pathogens. The immune system is a highly interconnected system that works to detect and eliminate foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other pathogens. This complex defense system is fundamental to human health and survival. We'll cover the immune system's amazing mechanisms that keep us secure fom harm as we delve into its fascinating realm.

At a Glance: The Immune System

The immune system functions like a personal security force, ready to repel any danger that may threaten the body. The fundamental role of the immune system is to identify and destroy only foreign intruders, sparing the host body's own cells. The capacity to tell friends from foes is essential to staying healthy.

Immune System Substances

Leukocytes, or white blood cells, are the immune system's frontline troops. Neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils are all examples of granulocytes, while lymphocytes and monocytes are examples of agranulocytes. Neutrophils are the most numerous type of white blood cell and they usually respond quickly to an infection. Lymphocytes, on the other hand, play a vital part in maintaining immunity throughout time and can be subdivided into B cells and T cells, each of which performs a unique function.

Antibodies, which are manufactured by B cells, serve as molecular weapons for the immune system. Antibodies, sometimes called immunoglobulins, are proteins with an extremely narrow target specificity, making them effective at neutralizing disease. They have the ability to bind to pathogens, either to flag them for elimination by other immune cells or to render them harmless.

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