Mosaic Hamsas: Original Designs and Various Techniques (Art and Crafts #8) (Paperback)

Hamsas are a type of traditional good luck charm in the shape of an open palm with the fingers close together, meant to bring good fortune and ward off the evil eye.

I've decided to focus exclusively on hamsas made with mosaic, each with an original and unique design, through various techniques.

In this Book:

* A variety of hamsas of original design, in various shapes and sizes

* Each hamsa is followed with pictures detailing the work process

* Tips for mosaic work

* Crafting with assorted media

* A unique method of integrating text into mosaics.

You can find links to download all examples at the end of the book.

I wish you a colorful good time

This is Sigalit Eshet's 8th mosaics book.

Product Details ISBN: 9789659278879
ISBN-10: 965927887X
Publisher: Simple Story
Publication Date: March 8th, 2020
Pages: 80
Language: English
Series: Art and Crafts