Never Lose Hope in the Mercy of God (Paperback)

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Never Lose Hope in the Mercy of God (Paperback)


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Review by the author:

We belief every one of us in this world want to enter paradise, which is as wide as the skies and heaven, but paradise is not made by man, and we have no rights to declare or judge people to be thrown in the dungeon of hell. But every one of us, has a time frame to meet the goal to return to God and rewarded with paradise. Let us not miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

What is in this book

This book is a series of Muslims and reverts guidance to understand more about Islam. It is written to talk about challenges facing Muslims, some relevant tips, and solutions. By reading this handbook, may prepare yourself to help Muslims to nurture Islamic values. A small deed that you do in this world will be shown on the day of Resurrection as the best memories of your life.

Objective of this book

This small handbook Is written to survive the ordeal of life and urgent hope of God's mercy upon us. When we are deprived of help, there is no other to turn to, but One God who hears your needs and supplication. We will talk about hope in this life and hereafter, without defaming any religious thoughts or concept of worship. We are here to open talks without boundaries to just find a link between our life and the path designed by our Lord and follow the cues from the prophets who had received holy books. And perhaps from reading this book, you will find enlightenment and truth for the one God and release us from ignorance and to the knowledge with facts of this hope of salvation and happiness for the rest of our lives.

A word from the author of the Muslims and Revert Series

"Dear friends, this book 'NEVER LOSE HOPE IN THE MERCY OF GOD', is written solely for you. If you live in the west, when the culture and the people you meet don't know about Islam, then finding out more about Islam is an intriguing endeavor. You look around and people adapt to their culture. Having parties, drinking, and mixing with such people will drag you to a point where you will be addicted to drugs and possibly being homeless." Therefore, reading this book about the mercy of God could be the key to helping you find guidance and keep away from those temptations. Generation after generation just closed their eyes excepting whatever is thought by the holy man. Is it time for us to pounder a moment and ask about proof of the scriptures and with a logical mind ask questions that for years had been hunting our thoughts.

Such as:

Where is God? Which is the original book? What is the last revelation to mankind? When is our return to God? What is resurrection Day? What happens to the soul after our death?

These questions should be answered, at least a person can decide his true path in life, while time is limited. The urgency to witness the oath of faith is vital to proof your faith in ONE GOD WHO CREATED THIS UNIVERSE AND EVERTHING IN IT. SAY, O MY LORD SHOW AND GUIDE ME TO THE TRUTH. AND LET ME ENTER PARADISE WITH YOUR BLESSINGS. AMEEN

The holy man in your state can't answer these questions? He talks like the tongue of a snake. Whispering lies and defamation without evidence.

It is your TURN NOW, to start searching for truth, and find the real God and the real religion. This handy book was furnished with lots of evidence, and you can read more of this Islamic and Muslim series books. The only salvation is by starting to read books, listen to sermons, sit among scholars, ask lots of questions. And most importantly read and understand the word of God presented to man via messenger Mohammad peace be upon him. The Quran is the only evidence and guide for man.

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Publication Date: June 28th, 2023
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