Because My Destiny Awaits (MP3 CD)

Because My Destiny Awaits By Corwin McGinnis Cover Image

Because My Destiny Awaits (MP3 CD)


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In Because My Destiny Awaits, readers will step into the compelling life of eleven-year-old Jojo Cobbler, a young girl admired for her radiant kindness. Next door resides Ruby, an insightful elder who navigates life from a wheelchair. Ruby and Jojo embark on an adventure that transports the special world Jojo has always carried inside her head into reality. As their stories weave together, Ruby unveils to Jojo that kindness is more than simply a virtue; it's a transformative force linked to the energy that pervades us in nature, air, and within animals--a force that Jojo can channel into a special power.

This story also navigates tough conversations about social strife and justice in our country today. With its heartfelt characters, the book serves as a reminder that even the smallest gestures of kindness can shape our destiny, guiding us toward a future enriched by mutual respect and collective progress. The strength of Jojo's story lies not just in her newly awakened abilities but in the transformative echo of her acts and essence. As readers journey alongside Jojo, they, too, will be mentored by the power of kindness and inclusion. Not only is this an incredible story--it's a prevailing testimony to the power of small, conscious acts to produce profound societal changes.

Product Details ISBN: 9798212985055
Publisher: Made for Success
Publication Date: June 11th, 2024
Language: English