All About Santa Claus (Paperback)

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All About Santa Claus (Paperback)


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Did you really think you knew everything about Christmas and Santa Claus? This book brings you new and original information about the Christmas atmosphere and traditions from all over the world. You will discover funny and unknown facts about Santa Claus, collected as a wonderful quiz for the whole family or friends.
All about Santa Claus is an ideal book to test your general knowledge about Christmas and have festive fun for all the family.

The book contains 300 questions and answers, some with first-of-its-kind information about Santa Claus, such as:

  • Which country officially offered citizenship to Santa Claus? Answer: Canada
  • In what year did the US Government officially give Santa a license to fly? Answer: 1927
  • What is the theoretical speed of Santa's sleigh according to NASA? Answer: 1.800 miles per second
  • Who introduced the idea of Santa Claus using the chimney to bring gifts? Answer: Washington Irving
  • The unit of measurement that defines the power of Santa's sleigh. Answer: Reindeer Power (RP)
  • What drink does Santa Claus usually serve after putting the presents under the tree? Answer: Milk
  • What is the name of the most important school dedicated to training a Santa Claus? Answer: International University of Santa Claus
  • What is the name of the electronic algorithm by which children are analyzed, good or naughty, according to the film Noelle (2019)? Answer: FALALA
  • What do children in Mexico use to send the famous letter to Santa Claus? Answer: The helium balloon
  • Who is the opposite of Santa Claus, also called the "Scary of Christmas"? Answer: Krampus

...and more and more facts just like these.
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Details of this book:

  • 300 questions and answers about Christmas and Santa
  • 64 pages
  • Pocket Size: 5 x 8 Inches

  • Soft Matte Cover

Product Details ISBN: 9798215278024
Publisher: Ransad Tancial
Publication Date: September 20th, 2022
Pages: 66
Language: English