The Paladin's Ascension Pt2 Kinship's Revenge (Paperback)

The Paladin's Ascension Pt2 Kinship's Revenge By Laura Jean Lysander Cover Image

The Paladin's Ascension Pt2 Kinship's Revenge (Paperback)


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The Paladin's Ascension Pt 2 Kinship's Revenge, the 2nd installment where the Musical Parody of Arthurian mystic humor and divine Faith valiantly tumble onward... After the clandestine 'hiding' of Squire Finn's chosen heart upon the sacred tree, even more ominously brewing mayhem was simmering up for the Quad Squad plus more; Dinny Sapphire was still soon be retrieved from the Other Tyme by Galahad with the help of his best mates, for the awful demented Dr.Krunk Jr. had made a pact with the Dark young sly Liege Momos, Apa's male twin; they were in cahoots and had connived a dastardly plan; Lyraevega, the other female twin half to Finn has planted herself into their avenging Underworld palace lair incognito to spy and investigate, reap anything to thwart them, gaining and gleaming indispensable information to aid the Provicial Knights and her brother to surmout their tyrrany; Galahad, Bors, Perci and Finn were collecting intel and courageously learning all they needed to become Knights of the Providence...yet sly sister Apa the spy continued her trajectory to upend Finn at all Galahad and Finn discover in surprise, that there are certain days of the Full moon station when they might be able to meet up with their Chosen Ones (Dinny Sapphire & Calliope) and use this blessing to gain more information and heartfelt bloom; they also unearth another incredible but true fact about the anomaly Finn & his stuck in a hex Calliope; and with that known, their Djinn Status, also comes so many more possibilities and pitfalls. Squire Finn in his unrelenting research, chances upon the answer of how to transport the Quad Squad into the Other Tyme to finally retrieve Galahad's Chosen one Dinny Sapphire, ...but it is jinxed and foiled, heniously upended by the master of malignity that suave, mordacious leader Momos, and his sidekicks Krunk Jr and sister Apa, who are all out to seek that awful atrocious revenge and then some; this thwarted threesome places Squire Galahd and his crew in an almost bizarrely impossible situation, actually being framed for... a double homicide murder he didn't commit, but outwardly, all signs point to it. Now trapped in a most dangerous predicament in our Other Tyme they must find a way to clear their innocence. By and by, all the while, Finn is now using his absurdly insane abilities to wrangle time and space in this 24hr blue moon snippet of time to Quest this quest properly...and with the help of his brave little 'Goldie Tink' sphere of light always about him...they both with mystic tandem attempt the impossible; Knight Bismuth and Knightess Lumonyx are swiped into the mix there to help sort it, the escapade of escalation in of all things...a courtroom, along with the stalwart Knight Charitus and 200 costumed guests, in a lawful role to never forget; Does this costumed caper and musical marauding into the Other Tyme wormhole visit turn out tripping the light fantastic, or fall flat on its face?

Only one way to find on, valiant ones

Product Details ISBN: 9798215440278
Publisher: Phantasmique the Mystic Scroll & Scribe
Publication Date: March 5th, 2023
Pages: 600
Language: English