Sex and Romance: An Islamic Perspective (Paperback)

Sex and Romance: An Islamic Perspective By Abdul Rahman Al-Sheha, Abdurrahmaan Murad Cover Image

Sex and Romance: An Islamic Perspective (Paperback)


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Islam views marriage as the way for both man and wife to achieve personal and emotional fulfillment and protect themselves against sinful practice. Yet we hear voices speaking against marriage and calling for free sex with total disregard to religious controls. Islam does not approve of free, uncontrolled sex. It requires its followers to maintain purity, chastity and faithfulness, and provides them with guidance that ensures they will stay on such a course. On the other hand, Islam does not approve of monastic celibacy or the disavowal of legitimate pleasures.In this book we will openly discuss issues that pertain to 'romance and sex in Islam'. It is important for anyone seeking insight into the religion of Islam that they understand that Islam is not simply a 'religion', it is a way of life. The Prophet was very keen in instilling high moral character in his Companions and he himself lived by a high moral standard.

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