The Crabby Old Git: Compilation Books 1 to 4 (Paperback)

The Crabby Old Git: Compilation Books 1 to 4 By Phil Kingsman Cover Image

The Crabby Old Git: Compilation Books 1 to 4 (Paperback)


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The Crabby Old Git short stories have enjoyed success and have received some successful feedback. Buying all four titles together is cheaper than buying them individually and saves you the cost of a snack or a drink..

The Crabby Old Git on Cruising
Anchors away for a fantastic cruise holiday parody Reg, Crabby's best friend, has made the mistake of asking for his opinion on cruise holidays. Reg gets an earful from the self-proclaimed expert, the Old Git, about cabin grade and the way it will affect his bank balance and stomach.

How to avoid the bowels of hell

Sage words on sea sickness

Being alert for geriatric entertainers with books to flog

And don't get him started on the price of shore excursions

The Crabby Old Git on Exercise
Crabby's trouble begins when Maude enrolls him in the village exercise class. He's someone you shouldn't let near keep fit equipment. Everyone around Crabby, and especially Maude, thinks he's one of a kind - and they don't mean that as a compliment
The thought of circuit training, exercise bikes, and rowing machines doesn't scare our hero since he'll do whatever it takes to avoid it. He soon realizes the trainer's intention to challenge him to a strenuous workout.

Is he a pain? Absolutely

Does he get on Maude's nerves? You bet.

Is he insufferable? Yes

Why not spend a little while in his special world--it beats the real thing

The Crabby Old Git on Weddings

The Old Git hates weddings, but Maude says he has to go. He knows it'll be a disaster, and sure enough, it looks as though he's on the money. Crabby ' nerves are on edge after learning of Maude's scheme to turn their invitation into a romantic weekend for two.

Can Crabby escape Maude's amorous advances?

Will the vicar stay sober long enough to get through the marriage vows?

Should the photographer leg it?

Enjoy a giggle as the Old Git retells the tale of his weekend from hell to his best mate, Reg. It'll get you thinking about every wedding you've ever been to.

The Crabby Old Git on Parenting

Our hero stumbles across his niece and her new husband in the village wholefoods shop after their return from their honeymoon at the M93 protest camp;

Having spent a week in wellies and avoiding the police by mooning at them from zip wires. Despite their age, they are naive and approach Crabby for advice on starting a family. They have lived in a commune for years and have been saving themselves for each other, but are unsure about the process.

Crabby rises to the challenge and spends a couple of hours giving them the benefit of, in his words, 'his vast experience' of the bedroom and parenthood...

Myths about getting pregnant and how to avoid dizziness.

Childbirth and the wonder of gas and air as an aid for the man of the moment. The first five years, then the next ten, and how to remain sane ... or at least fractionally.

Crabby provides a comprehensive guide to vasectomies, sparing no detail, even the unpleasant ones that readers may wish to skip. Despite the discomfort, readers are likely to continue reading out of curiosity. Crabby's advice is direct and effective, leaving his clients well-informed and prepared, though perhaps not entirely comfortable.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223145899
Publisher: Phil Kingsman
Publication Date: January 31st, 2021
Pages: 196
Language: English